Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – September 19th, 2014

1st and Cary… Carrie… Karri… Kerri…

Hey Folks,

It was a busy week at the corner of 1st and Cary, and I was able to talk to my three of my favorite people. Madison+Main is hosting our 5th Annual Chili Cook Off on Wednesday, October 15thand our celebrity judges this year are: CBS6 Meteorologist Carrie Rose, Richmond.com Editor Karri Peifer, and 8News Anchor Kerri O’Brien.  Be sure to RSVP for our biggest event of the year, when we turn Cary St. into Carrie/Karri/Kerri St. (We still have a few slots left for chili teams, so call Lindsey at 804-521-4141 soon if your company wants to enter the cook off.)

Monday, September 15th: Monday came too quick this week, as I “worked” all weekend.  Yes, I attended a beer festival on Saturday and a wine Festival on Sunday and I have no right to complain. The inaugural Chesterfield Craft Beer Festival was somewhat hampered, somewhat by rain, but more than 1,000 crafty beer people made it out to support the Chamber. Did I mention that we rebranded the Chamber earlier this year? I’d love to get your feedback on the new logo and tagline… check it out here.


On Monday we had a very good meeting with our friends over at Commonwealth Autism. On another note, Commonwealth Autism received 86 donations at a whopping $7,280 during this week’s Amazing Raise.


Tuesday, September 16th: My Midlothian Rotary meeting on Tuesday morning was especial boisterous, as we begin the final stretch towards the Magnificent Midlothian Food Festival, which will be held on Wednesday, October 1st at Westchester Commons.  The event features catered food, live entertainment, wine and beer trucks, a liquor tent, and 5,000 mumbling, stumbling Rotarians. It’s a real hoot. Proceeds benefit more than a dozen are charities. And unlike most parties, you can buy a ticket to this one here.

Marketing Tip of The Week: The “Facebook Event” application allows individuals, Non-profits and Businesses to create event listings and invite their followers to join them, which is especially important if it is a public event. This application should be used in conjunction with your existing “Fan” Page, not an indivual page or group page. That way you can also use Facebook promoted posts and ads to market your event. 

On Tuesday afternoon, Kris Moore from Comcast invited me and a few clients out to play golf at The Foundry. Special thanks to Brian Harding (UPS), Greg Green (Davis & Green Electrical), and Andy Williams (3 Sports).  It’s the first time I’ve ever played golf with a caddy.  I could really get used to that.


Playing golf at the Foundry felt more like a day at the beach

While I was living it up on the beach in Powhatan, the Madison+Main-iacs dropped by theNBC12 Fall Premiere Party. Casey was the big winner and scored two UVA Football tickets for next Saturday. #lucky


Left to right: Jessica Black, Sarah Murphy, NBC12’s Gray Hall, Casey Severinghaus, Lindsey Durfee, and NBC12’s Jennifer Barbin

Wednesday, September 17th: Wednesday was a writing day for me. It’s amazing the volume of things I must write on a regular basis: ad copy, web copy, Facebook copy, brochure copy, emails, and this week… long letters to bureaucrats.

On a brighter note, my personal sunshine Molly Quarles, VP of Operations, celebrated her 7th anniversary with the company.  She’ll be traveling back to Richmond week after next and we will celebrate then. Presumably with cocktails and karaoke at Buddy’s, which will be somewhat melancholy knowing that the 38 year-old Fan bar is closing in January.

Thursday, September 18th: Thursday was a marathon. In the morning I dropped by Lucy Corr Village to kick-start their Amazing Raise drive.  As chairman of the Lucy Corr Foundation, I am pleased to report that our little 501c3 raised $4,550 from 37 donors. From there it was nonstop meetings, every hour on the hour, from a 9am business development meeting to the end of Sharks football practice at 9pm.
Friday, September 19th: The day for me started off on a sour note, as I wasted an hour and a half at the DMV headquarters on Broad Street. In the end, I won and will finally receive my license plates after almost a year. I expressed my frustrations on Twitter, and to their credit at the DMV, they responded with a hearty “ARRGH” since today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.


Even though I sent a memo, no one else dressed up for International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Tomorrow morning, the Sharks take on the Flat Rock Warriors, the pride of Powhatan.Tomorrow night, Mrs. Saunders and I will join our friends Jonathan and Melissa Ball at Savor, a benefit for Hospitality House.  If I can find my tux…

Avast me hearties,


Dave Saunders