Sam’s Internship Review

By Account Management Intern Sam Edwards

The past few months at Madison+Main have been a great intro into the ad world.  Working on-site at a vibrant, active firm like Madison+Main, you’re bound to experience things in this industry that you can’t learn from an episode of Mad Men.  Being a Main-iac this summer helped me evolve into a better employee, willing to partake in whatever the team needs to get the job done.

Some personal improvements I developed over the summer have opened my eyes to a more positive outlook going into the work force.  You must enjoy your job.  Think about how often you’re going to see these people eight hours a day, five days a week… if you don’t like what your doing you have a long career ahead. I am thankful to have worked alongside brilliant people this summer.

Give yourself a reason to wake up in the morning.  You have to look at everyday day as a challenge and working hard will only help lead to success in this industry.  Last, don’t just hear what others say, make sure you listen.  You can always learn something from someone else’s perspective, regardless of whether not you agree with it.

My time at Madison+Main didn’t just teach me about advertising: it prepared me for life.  I am extremely thankful for the opportunities given to me this summer and look forward to what lies ahead.