Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – July 18th, 2014

While the cat’s away…
Happy Friday!

With Dave off having a jolly ol’ time in the UKMolly zip-lining through rainforests in Costa Rica and Colleen sunbathing in the Hamptons, the writing of the July 18th Weekly Report report fell to the remaining Main-iacs. At first, there was some concern. “How will we ever top Dave’s hysterical jokes and cute family stories?!” said some, “I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast this morning, let alone what I did on Tuesday!” said others. But now that Friday is here, all we have to say is: Dave, Molly and Colleen, it was your loss.

This week was one for the books.

Monday, July 14th:  The week started out like any other with the MMMMM (Madison+Main Monday Morning Meeting). The meeting’s primary order of business? Paint color. Yep, being the thoughtful employees we are, we took advantage of Dave’s absence and chose to surprise him with a fresh coat of paint at 101 E. Cary. The only thing we couldn’t agree on was paint color. Finally, inspired by Dave’s “Bold Brands Win” mantra, we finally settled on the boldest color we could find: Flamenco Fushia. The painters just finished up this morning — whadayah think?


Bold Brands Win.

Tuesday, July 15th: Tuesday was Account Manager Extraordinaire Kelley Miller‘s one year anniversary with the company, so of course we broke out our finest crystal and popped all kinds of bottles for the ultimate celebratory lunch. We all shared our favorite Kelley Miller moments from the past year, some of which are appropriate for the Weekly Report, others, not so much. One appropriate story was when Kelley gracefully jumped off a set of second story scaffolding into a giant blow up cushion at the Virginia State Fair.


Kelley Miller, everybody

Wednesday, July 16th: We had a couple of surprise visitors on Wednesday. The first was our Comcast rep, Kris Moore, who popped in to say hello and drop off some goodies. We’re partnering with Comcast on an exciting “treat” for our clients later this month, so stay tuned for some fun photos.


Grilling goodies from our friends at Comcast

As much as we love Kris, we all agree that our second visitor was even more surprising. With the American Idol auditions in town this week, Ryan Seacrest stopped by Madison+Main looking for Dave. Apparently word of his killer karaoke skills made its way to the TV producers, who sent Ryan to give Dave the elusive golden ticket to the final round. We had the difficult task of telling Ryan that Dave is out of the country and therefore unable to accept. But all was not lost, as M+M intern Sam “The Sweetest Kid” Edwards (American Idol fanatic) got to meet HIS “American Idol.”


Thanks for stopping by, Ryan!

Thursday, July 17th: During lunch on Thursday, Account Manager Sammy Yatco was walking down Cary Street near Belvidere when two VCU students twice her height stopped her. They recognized her photo from our new website  and were intrigued by her ninja-like skills. Turns out the duo are members of the VCU men’s basketball team, and they challenged Sammy (and all of Madison+Main) to a scrimmage on the spot. We couldn’t say no, so we all put on our game faces and made for the Siegel Center. The game ended in a tie only because Sammy’s game-winning basket came in just after the buzzer.

Sammy shoots and scores the ALMOST game-winning basket

Friday, July 18th: We were all feeling pretty cheeky this morning. We had made it through the Week Without Dave! The building still stood, and in a bright new shade of fushia, no less! But just as we were patting ourselves on the backs and getting ready to break into Dave’s secret stash of Pappy, we were thrown the ultimate curveball: a zombie invasion. Thankfully, Dave has recounted various battle scenes from Walking Dead enough times that we were armed with the knowledge (and weaponry) necessary to defend ourselves. We came out on top and Madison+Main lives to see another day.

Geoff and Lindsey sneak-attack the zombie invaders

Wishing everyone a beautiful, zombie-free weekend!

The Main-iacs