My Weekend in Orangeburg

By Graphic Designer Colleen Festa 

Dave has a running joke at the agency…at least I think it’s a joke. When he asks me occasionally about my weekend, he’ll finish with “how was your trip to Orangeburg, South Carolina?”

Apparently he got a speeding ticket there one time, and he never forgot it.

After laughing off the question for many months, I decided I would make up a story and “surprise” him with it.

How was my weekend in Orangeburg?

Well, let me tell you…

Though Richmond is great, my home-away-from-home is in Orangeburg, South Carolina. I find myself there most weekends. Orangeburg is a beautiful place with plenty of golf courses, gardens, festivals and — of course — the Orangeburg County Jail.

In fact, I love Orangeburg so much that I find myself spending many weekends there on “vacation.” Some call it “work release.”

There are several things I’ve learned during my many weekenders in Orangeburg. The first, for example, is to stay away from Patrice. I learned that when she asks for a piece of gum — in return for friendship—you shouldn’t believe her….she’ll take your smokes too. This is an elaborately devious scheme she’s been perfecting for years.

Secondly, when it’s time to get your glamour shot for the Orangeburg County Visitors Guide, don’t forget to wear your finest attire (like Latoya and Angelic… pictured here).

My third and final piece of advice is to bring back a memento of your time in Orangeburg. Nothing says “My weekend rocked!” like a coffee mug with a Heart on it.