Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Dave Saunders Chief Idea Officer

This week at Madison+Main I learned that Mercury is in retrograde, which is why no one in Washington can get along with each other, the economy soured in the third quarter and everybody was in a foul mood last week. This week again we looked to the heavens to guide us (just kidding, I don’t believe in astrology).

But I do believe in luck and it will take some luck to win tomorrow night in the first round of the playoffs for the CQL Championship. The mighty Sharks of Alberta Smith finished their regular season 8-0 by knocking off the Cougars of Swift Creek. Trust me, CQL football is more exciting than NFL football. Saturday night’s game starts at 6 o’clock at Midlothian Middle, email me back to let me know if you’re coming.

Monday (10/28) – On Monday, I had lunch with Jay Sandusky, a talented copywriter and Scorpio. I was happy to introduce him to the delicious but eclectic buffet at Mama Musu’s at the corner of 2nd and Main. Then, I spent the afternoon working on media plans with Account Manager’s Kelley “Leo” Miller and Katie “Cancer” Hurst.

Tuesday (10/29) – On Tuesday, with one week left in the election cycle, I was pleased to see a host of Chesterfield County officials doing a presentation on the Bond Referendum’s at my Rotary Club. This year I sat on the board for the Citizens for Chesterfield Students, which advocates passage of the school and safety Bond Referendum’s, and am proud that Madison+Main was able to donate creative and media buying services to the group. If you live in Chesterfield, and if you vote, please vote YES for the school Bon Referendum’s. (Thank you. Sorry about the political message, but schools are something that I really care about.)

On Tuesday afternoon I played hooky for a few hours and tried to test the theory that The Best Deals are Written by Whitten. Thanks to the management at Whitten Brothers of Richmond for their willingness to negotiate on a brand new Jeep Unlimited. During a midlife crisis some guys buy sports cars, I bought something that can run over other guys’ sports cars.

Wednesday (10/30) – Wednesday was jam-packed: 1) we had lunch with the Boggs Boys from longtime client Richmond Alarm 2) we shot a new TV ad for Kambourian Jewelers and 3) I met Davis & Green Electrical TV star Greg Green at Starbucks. Ready? Here it goes: I highly recommend that you buy custom made jewelry at Kambourian Jewelers, then get an alarm system to protect it from Richmond Alarm then call Davis & Green Electrical to get a Generac Generator installed to make sure that the alarm system is always on.

Thursday (10/31) – On Thursday the entire crew at Madison+Main celebrated Halloween and my 46th birthday by dressing up in “Dave costumes”. Sammy dressed up as VCU Dave,Dorsey dressed up as Mary Washington college Dave, Kelley dressed up as Seersucker Dave, Kara dressed up as Madison+Main Dave, Geoff dressed up as Redskins Dave, Colleen dressed up as bow tie Dave, Lindsey B. dressed up as bowling Dave, Emily P. dressed up as drinking Dave, Shay dressed up as Ad Exec Dave, Katie dressed up as Coach Dave and Lindsey D. dressed up as Dave’s favorite football player: Jack.

Friday (11/1) – I’m sure there is lots of fun stuff going on at Madison+Main, however, my only official business is to write this email, as I am driving my new toy down to Urbanna to get a head start on Virginia’s largest party: the Urbanna Oyster Festival.