M+M Weekly Report

Dave is out for a long Memorial Day Weekend so this week’s Weekly Report is a team effort.

Monday 5/20 – By Senior Account Manager Katie Hurst. Monday started off the same way that most Mondy’s start off… with the big MMMMM. For those of you who don’t already know, that’s the Madison+Main Monday Morning Meeting and this week was nothing short of spectacular. We had two great announcements 1) we revealed the first winner of our 2013 Summer Intern Ad Challenge, Emily Farrar and 2) we announced our newest client Foundation Basketball Group!

Tuesday 5/21 – By Marketing Administrator Lindsey Durfee. Tuesday was quiet this week with some of the Main-iacs out of the office on vacation, but it didn’t stay that way for too long. It was non-stop Social Media all day long where Graphic Designer Colleen Festa worked on Facebook layouts, Social Media guides, and several other cool things for client websites.

On Tuesday night, Senior Account Manager Katie Hurst and Account Executive Sarah Dawes represented us at the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Public Square: A Series on Young Professionals where young RVA professionals reflect on their involvement in shaping a study on how to attract and retain more like them.

Wednesday 5/22 – By Digital Marketing Manager Dorsey McFadden. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new Digital Marketing Intern Emily Pickering. Emily is a senior at VCU majoring in Mass Communications. She shows up each morning with a giant Starbucks Ice Coffee, a big smile and dives right into the digital world with me. On behalf of all of us, welcome to the M+M family Emily!


Here’s Emily P enjoying breakfast. As you know, a well-fed Intern makes a happy intern!

On Wednesday “Team Emily” spent the day learning about Search Engine Marketing. “Team Emily” is comprised of Emily F and Emily P. In order to help several clients with their Search Engine Marketing, Emily P spent the day researching new analytics tools and Emily F used that data for keyword research.

Thursday 5/23 – By Art Director Scott Harris. Thursday was the longest day I’ve spent since I started at Madison+Main… 15 hours. A lot of my teammates put in a lot of hours too as we spent Thursday shooting a new TV spot for our client Davis & Green Electrical. During the early part of the day, we had a Madison+Main first – we gave a client a speaking role in his own TV spot! A huge thanks to Greg Green for being such a good sport! Watch out world, he may have a new acting career ahead of him.

Here’s a pic we shot Thursday night while rocking out to 80’s hair band music in my garage. Be on the lookout for the new spot… and remember don’t be left in the dark!


Check out Madison+Main’s Facebook for more photos! (Give us a “Like” too!)

Friday 5/24 – By Graphic Designer Colleen Festa. It’s Friday! While several of our colleagues skipped town to start the Memorial Day Weekend early, Digital Marketing Manager Dorsey McFadden brought in some yummy treats from Dixie Donuts, one of our local favorites. I was only told the donuts were yummy because I am gluten free and wasn’t able to eat any of them. 🙁 I will pay a million dollars to someone who makes a delicous gluten-free donut.

Don’t worry folks, Dave will be back next week. We hope you enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend and if you see Dave, tell him you how much you love reading the Weekly Report when the Main-iacs takeover!

From your Main-iacs

Katie Hurst, Lindsey Durfee, Dorsey McFadden, Scott Harris & Colleen Festa