The Best of RVA: Sandy Made Us Want a Sammy

By Jon Glomb, Account Services Coordinator Intern

On Monday, the Main-iacs and I braved Sandy’s wrath and reported for duty as usual. Quickly realizing that this storm was like nothing we had ever seen, we rushed to the shelter of the storage room as the fierce 7 mph winds threatened the structural integrity of our building. Then quite suddenly, it happened, a breach in the fortress. Water began dripping from the ceiling of Digital Project Manager Mike Colicchio’s office. Showing no fear and a total disregard for his own personal safety, Mike quickly dialed the maintenance man to stem the rising tide. With the crisis avoided, we looked skyward to see the clouds breaking as we paused, hand in hand singing, “Good Day Sunshine.”

Strangely enough at that moment, we all wanted sandwiches. We all have favorites and here they are: Madison+Main’s Top-4-Post-Hurricane-Near-Death-Experience-Sammy’s.

Dave Saunders: “I like the Rachel from Wall Street Deli. It is simply the best and I highly recommend it. I will be ordering one before the zombie apocalypse”

Katie Hurst: “Mediterranean Magic at Coppola’s hands down. Feta, pesto, turkey – what more could you want in a sandwich? I eat one every time I watch Doomsday Preppers

Jovan Coker: “Chiocca’s is by far the most amazing sandwich spot in the Richmond area. The Spice is my favorite sandwich… it is the perfect combination of meat, cheese and everything in between. If Channel 8 said there was a tsunami coming, I’d head to Chiocca’s before higher ground.”

Mike Colicchio: “I like to make sandwiches at home. Here’s a healthy homemade recipe that feeds 30-40 people courtesy of Epic Meal Time. This recipe can also be used as a rescue boat if you find yourself stranded on a South Pacific Island after a 3 hour tour.”