The Best of RVA: Coffee

By Sarah Dawes, Client Services Coordinator

It’s what brightens you up each morning but causes headaches if you go a day without. It’s the thing people meet over to discuss politics, literature, the daily news and daily lives. You can get it iced, French-pressed, steaming hot, sweetened or in just about any flavor you can think of.

It’s COFFEE, and at Madison+Main, we drink a lot of it.

Looking for the best spot for a cup of joe in the 804? Look no further, the Main-iacs have you covered.

Katie Hurst, Account Manager: “Urban Farmhouse has really great breakfast sandwiches to go along with your coffee, and it’s super close to the office so I can just walk over.”

Jon Glomb, Account Services Coordinator: “I am partial to coffee places that roast the coffee in house. Of those who roast in house, I am a devout Rostovian, Rostover… I like Rostov’s Coffee & Tea. It smells amazing when you walk in the door, the people are super friendly and they have discounted cups of coffee during their “Cappy Hour” from 3:00p.m. – 5:00p.m, Monday – Friday. Check it out.”

Sammy Yatco, Client Services Coordinator: “After seeing [VP of Operations] Molly come to the office almost daily with an iced chai from Shockoe Espresso I knew I had to try it. And now I’m hooked. It’s so good and wakes me up on days when I really need some caffeine.”