The Best of RVA: Cheap Eats


By Jon Glomb, Account Services Coordinator Intern

Hey there Madison+Main blog readers. Today marks the beginning of a 15 week series that will run every Friday. One that offers foodies, entertainment and good time seekers some direction while wading through the cacophony of leisure blogs. Brought to you by folks that work, play and live in this city: the great minds of Madison+Main aka the Main-iacs. This group has taken it upon themselves to give back to the community by steering you away from the mundane and leading you to more natural, soulful and local places to spend your hard earned dollar. SO, every Friday look to a few of these “commandants” as your purveyors of all that is #RVA, welcome to The Best of RVA, as told by The Main-iacs.

Inaugural Topic: Cheap Eats.

“Cheap” is a relative word. For the college student on financial aid, three 7-11 taquitos may be splurging. On the other hand, $25 for a three-course meal during Richmond Restaurant Week is a bargain for someone with higher disposable income, and there are many levels in between. A topic with such breadth may generate a variety of opinions from our distinguished panel. Enjoy and tweet us your thoughts @madisonmain.

Sammy Yatco aka Samster/Slammy:  “My favorite cheap eats in RVA has to be the food truck court. It’s great food, a lot of variety, everything is under $10 and it’s all in one place! You can literally get anything from pizza to tacos to gourmet sandwiches and satisfy any appetite.”

Jeff Smack: “Cupertino’s Bagels has an amazing ham and egg bagel that comes with a free cup of coffee. It is phenomenally delicious and extremely cheap.Cupertino’s has the best cup of coffee inRichmond especially because it is free.”

Mike Colicchio: “My favorite cheap eats is J+K’s mobile Munchies. I love their wraps and also like the fact that their prices haven’t gone up since they’ve been in business. One thing that makes them stick out is the fact that their food and spices are locally grown. My favorite item on their menu is the ‘Sloop.’”