Madison+Main Employees Take Time to Commemorate Pearl Harbor

On December 7, 2011 the employees of Madison+Main decided to take a more somber tone for their December field trip by visiting the Virginia War Memorial and taking part in the 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

During his poignant keynote speech, Governor Bob McDonnell acknowledged six surviving Virginians who were stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; George Bland, Max Green, Charles Haessig, John Lopinsky, Joe Nuckols and Bill Thornton.

A highlight of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day for us was hearing the story of Colonel Van T. Barfoot’s heroism in Italy in 1944. The story of Colonel Barfoot, an Henrico County resident and Medal of Honor winner, was as real as the thousands of veterans’ names etched in stone at the Memorial.  Learn more about Colonel Barfoot’s war-time exploits here.

Indeed it was a moving day for all the Madison+Maniacs.  Learn more about the Memorial and its tributes to all veterans at the Virginia War Memorial’ssite.