Google+: A Party for Plus Ones

Google+ is the biggest party of the year and everyone’s going. If you haven’t received an invitation to join Google’s newly launched social networking site, then ask us for one because this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

For the Facebook loyalists and those who are still unsure about Google+, we’d like you to consider all of the great benefits that this new online community has to offer. From a clean, minimalist and easy-to-navigate design to the ability to manage content through the use of “Circles,” Google+ offers unique features that are bound to help users when engaging with their social network.

And, of course, Madison+Main couldn’t be more excited about this new media outlet. We think Google Plus has a bright future ahead. CEO and Chief Idea Officer, Dave Saunders was even one of the original Beta testers for the site. Still hesitant about signing up? Well, then take a look at our Top 10 Reasons to Be on Google+ video, starring our own Dave Saunders and produced by our Creative Director, Joshua Barber. We hope to see you at the party!

Need an invite? Request one at shout@madisonmain.com.