Behind The Scenes: 2010 Shorty Awards in NYC

Continuing our behind-the-scenes coverage of the second annual 2010 Shorty Awards in New York City we bring to you our exclusive new video.  Catch Advertising category nominee David Saunders (@madmain) as he mingles and poses on the red carpet for photo ops with…Grover from Sesame Street?

You never know what you’re going to get when you mix new media personalities!

Didn’t know you could win an award for tweeting? It’s true. Business owners and individuals are just beginning to recognize the true power of Twitter for its fundamental purposes: information sharing, advertising and branding, and sheer entertainment. If you’d like to learn how to leverage Twitter, or any social media platform, for your business give us a shout on Twitter @madisonandmain, or contact us through traditional means (see right side bar).

Big props go to Joshua Barber who put together this exceptional video montage of the event. If you aren’t aware of Joshua’s fabulousness…well… you are now.