Top 10 Reasons to Vote @madmain for a Shorty Award

“Why should I vote for you?”

I guess it’s a legitimate question, but nevertheless I was unprepared for it. Recently, I’ve been asked, “Why should I vote for you for a Shorty Award?”

…I don’t know, maybe because we’re friends?
Or because we work together?
Or because you’re in my Mass Comm. class?
Or because I donate a lot of money to charity?
Or because, as Willford Brimley said one time, “It’s the right thing to do.” But he was talking about Quaker Oats and I don’t have “Diabeetus.” Yet. Anyway…

Here are some reasons I came up with so you can vote for me in the Shorty Awards, just in case you were having trouble crafting a reason.

Just click one of the links below BEFORE NOON on Friday, February 5th!
I vote for @madmain for a Shorty Award in #Advertising
1. Because he smells like cinnamon.

2. Because he is the Lord of the Dance.

3. Because he says crazy shiz on Twitter fo’ shizzle.

4. Because he is a real person, really.

5. Because my mamma told me to.

6. Because his breath is always minty fresh.

7. Because he works hard for the money.

8. Because he was on Twitter before it was cool.

9. Because he is the King of New Media.

10. Because he has the voice of an angel.

11. Because @svteph edits his blogs.

And in case you have NO IDEA what a Shorty Award is:

Now for something completely different: