eSmart Tax Gets National Media Attention

The campaign has a few unique elements that the media has found interesting; and eSmart’s new campaign spokesperson, Daryl Johnson, coincidentally enough is from Richmond, VA.

Richmond, VA, January 13th, 2010 – Daryl Johnson, a 28-year-old, fun-loving, golf-playing, lawn care company owner, is the new spokesperson for eSmartTax.com, the online tax service powered by Liberty Tax Service. Before Daryl meets the entire United States, eSmart Tax is introducing him to his hometown of Richmond with radio, television and web ads, in addition to a digital billboard broadcasting his posts from Twitter in real-time.

The billboard is truly the first of its kind to merge traditional and new media in one space, while using a real customer as the brand ambassador. This innovative combination of media integrates with a larger, more comprehensive campaign comprised of television and radio advertising, as well as social media, web and guerilla marketing.

On the first digital Twitter billboard in Richmond, Twitter.com/TheDarylJohnson will use his live feed to broadcast tax filing tips throughout the tax season to passing motorists and his online followers.

Madison+Main has also released an Interactive Video that features Daryl Johnson giving viewers the option for Daryl to donate his tax return or to blow it all.

“We believe that traditional advertising and social media engagement can be effectively integrated; and Daryl’s live Twitter feed on a digital billboard is proof,” says Dave Saunders, President & Chief Idea Officer of Madison+Main, the Richmond-based advertising and new media firm hired by eSmart Tax to create the campaign. “The key is to let a regular, everyday guy be the voice of the brand. Someone who represents what social media, Richmond and eSmart Tax are all about.”