Can Google Predict the Winner of the Virginia Democratic Primary?

Posted by David Saunders (Research by Will Trible) – June 8, 2009

Polls open early tomorrow in Virginia to decide the Democratic Primary race and it’s still too close to call, unless you’re counting keywords on Google.
Terry McAuliffe, has enjoyed early exposure and ample funding, in part due to his fundraising work during the Clinton administration. According to Google, however, Creigh Deeds has made a big push in the closing days of the primary campaign.

We’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see if Google called this race correctly.
See the data below….


Using this and several other new media metrics, you’ll recall we predicted 48 out of 50 states correctly during the Presidnetial election, at about 2 pm EST on November 4th, 8-9 hours before the networks called it. >>> http://madisonmain.blogspot.com/2008_11_04_archive.html

Lesson learned: social media and measuring tools like Google Trends can help companies, but also can take the instant pulse of a society, and sometime predict the future (at least on election day).