Top 10 Users You’ll Meet on Twitter

Posted by Jeff Smack, Art Director

The title of this post echoes Ryan Deal’s article recently posted on Mashable. It caught my eye because it is along similar lines as one Dave posted a little while back. The title is point blank. It doesn’t need much of an explanation but it caused me to ponder something else that may.

Articles like these are the forces that crystallize what any given network is and how it is used. New users trying to make sense of these networks and their nuances look to these articles to gain a type of literacy. This is a cultural expansion to new territory and the inevitable establishment of “law” or at least custom & etiquette that follows. The Codes.

Our fearless leader, Dave Saunders, got a mention in Deal’s outline (#4) which is gratifying since Deal wasn’t exactly kind to the “experts” in general. It’s also cool because Dave’s always dropping new jargon on us and helping us polish our theories as to just exactly how and to where “the curve” will move. We know he’s a social media maestro but a little shout out is always nice.