The Top 10 Really Bad Realtor Headshots

submitted by Dave

with research assistance by http://twitter.com/sueissilly
I think I’m addicted to Top 10 Lists. I read ’em. I write ’em. 
But my lists always seem to have a marketing bent or stress what you shouldn’t do; i.e. the top 10 people you shouldn’t follow on Twitter, top 10 online marketing mistakes, top 10 e-mail marketing goofs and so on. I like poking a little fun, yes. And every time I post a new top ten “don’ts”, I get crazy hits here on the ol’ blog. 
So here we go with top 10, or bottom 10, I shouold say; The top 10 worst realtor headshots. 
But first a few cautionary words directly to realtors about marketing. Hey home sellers, listen up!
All of you realtors have a standard playbook for marketing and you all play it the same way, every time, year in and year out. Who wrote this marketing playbook for you? And how can we put a chapter in about using a pro photographer once in a while? There are marketing consultants all over the place. Why don’t realtors ever use them? Their too cheap. That’s why. Gimme a break. If you make 6% commission on selling a house, then you can afford a little money on marketing.

Seriously though, if you’re a realtor, you should make a New Year’s resolution to use less pictures of yourself, especially if you’re not very attractive. Trust me, there is a lot more to personal branding than dropping $50 at GlamourShots and then pasting it on bus benches. To start with, you should read Purple Cow by Seth Godin. Hell, read anything about marketing other than the newspaper. Being a good marketer means that you’re running in front of the herd, not being a nameless, faceless part of it. In other words, if every realtor in town puts his face on his business card, then you should be the one guy who doesn’t. 
Don’t run with herd. Be your own cow. Moo.
Chuck went to Walmart and paid $20 for this beauty.
Mr. Hunter, please look at the camera.
Frank looks hungry. Hungry for a deal.
Elaine Young quit her job as a realtor so she could dedicate more time to plastic surgery.
Mary Ann was convicted of selling real estate without a decent headshot.
Darren has giant plates in his ears. No bull. Look closer.
Dwayne did not have a good 2008.
3., 2., & 1. 
Welcome to Big Sky Country. 
Denim, Montana.
All right I copped out, got lazy and put 3 together on the last one to make ten….if you have a better (or worse) shot, send it to me.