If your website doesn’t suck…press here

I think most websites suck. 

Creatively, technically and otherwise.
And statistics will back me up on this, although there’s no official “suck” stat for websites, we can consider this: 100 million websites out there and the top 300,000 (.3%) collect 98% of all web traffic. This pre-supposes that people don’t like visiting website that suck.
And as a general rule,  companies that make their own websites do a lousy job at it. Smart companies hire pros to do that for them. (Let’s face it, I’m not a plumber. When I try to fix the sink, I screw it up. Plumbers shouldn’t make their own websites. Here’s are particularly horrible example of that principle www.secureourdream.com.

Our website is ranked 986,541st, and although that’s not really good, it still ranks in the top 1% of all websites on Earth…not too bad for a small advertising and new media firm in Richmond, VA.
It’s easy to figure out traffic ranks (www.quantcast.com or www.alexa.com) but how can you instantly tell if a website sucks from those that don’t?
So to help differentiate between websites that suck and websites that don’t, I point you to this new tool, The Doesn’t Suck Button.

To get one of these, call 1-877-623-6246 and say”My website sucks. Help me.”
Operators are standing by.