Cursebird, UmbrellaToday and other web 2.0 finds from madison+main

Ok. This one’s pretty good. Cursebird.com takes all tweets that have four-letter words and re-tweets them in one long, constantly updating, stream of random profanity, asking “what the f#@! is everyone swearing about?”
OK. This one is cool and useful and it works. Umbrellatoday.com is a totally simple, functional and brave web 2.0 idea.
Umbrella Today will text you if you need to bring your umbrella with you. No more waiting 17 minutes for the end of the weather report or trying to decipher what he’s really trying to tell you. Jeez, ALL I WANNA KNOW;  DO I GRAB MY UMBRELLA OR NOT?
Step one: Visit www.umbrellatoday.com
Step two: Enter zip code, then your cell phone number.
Step three: Get the confirmation code and submit.

Step four: Wait for a rainy day.
It works. You’ll get a text message when the forecast changes: ‘you should take umbrella with you today.’

twitter.com has a new CEO, again, the old CEO Evan Williams, http://twitter.com/ev
Confused. Maybe this will help.

You should follow him.