An Old Blog, a New Website and Big Foot on LinkedIn

One of my favorite blogs is http://www.boingboing.net/, which bills itself as a “directory of wonderful things.” I’ve read it for a long time, even before it was a blog…I think its been around since 1995 or 1996, one of the true new media pioneers. I keep forgetting to check it out, so I recently added my old L.A. friend Xeni Jardin to Twitter and now I get the updates and her personal insights…equally as fascinating, by the way. She’s a native Richmonder, you know…went to school here too, but now she’s famous and all over TV these days: ABC, CNN, NPR, and lots of other famous acronyms. In any case, Xeni is here on Twitter if you want to follow here and you can check out one of my personal favorites, a post from March involving a major typo in the New York Times.

Check out a new website called http://www.umbrellatoday.com/ even if you have only 30 seconds today. It will be worth it. Totally cool new site. Wanna know what web 2.0 is? Check it. And the answer is “no,” not in Richmond today. We didn’t make it, but wished we had.
Foot, Big Foot
Yes. Big Foot friend. ugh. on website good.
The ever-present, yet physically elusive phenomenon we know as Big Foot is now on LinkedIn.com. Believe it or not, you can view my new friend Big Foot’s profile here. Who knows he may even “connect” with you…kind of sad though, he only has 17 friends. Must be kind of lonely being home-schooled and living in Portland.
Click on Big’s profile and feel the schadenfreude.

from LI:

On 9/8/08 3:09 PM, Dave Saunders wrote: Big, I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. – Dave

On 9/8/08 7:20 PM, Big Foot wrote: dave, you good guy, me would save you if find you hurt in woods.