Wow, Madison+Main is a Finalist for the Impact Award

All I could say is “wow” when the reporter called. I mean I had already been given a heads up. I already knew we were a finalist and everyone here was buzzing about it. The rep from the GRCC called and said out of 140 companies nominated, there were 5 finalists and we were one of them.
I guess I was a little shocked or stunned. I’m not a guy who ever is at a loss for words, but but all I could coherently muster was, “wow.”

We’re in some pretty prestigious company…American Family Fitness, CXI, Home Care Delivered and CRT/tanaka are co-finalists.
But they’ve all been around for 10 years or more AND they’re all bigger than we are AND they have more employees AND I think they all make a little more money than we do.
So we were stunned. David vs. Goliath(s)
The award is being announced November 5th at the Convention Center, in front of hundreds/maybe a thousand Chamber of Commerce annual dinner attendees.
Will we win? I dunno.
But I’m really proud of my team for the recognition.