LeftOnBroad.com Goes Live 9/01/08 at 9:01 am

I’m excited to announce Madison+Main’s official sponsorship of the newest and silliest social media experiment to ever hit Richmond, Virginia, LeftOnBroad.com. This new blog, launching September 1st at 9:01 AM, will track all the things you can’t do in Richmond. Get it? Things like: “You can’t find ponies at Pony Pasture” and “You can’t make a left turn on Broad Street downtown.” We’re all really pumped about this project and hope you’ll submit your own example of something you can’t do/think/say/buy in good ol’ Richmond.

Want a sneak peak? We’re letting our LinkedIn group members see it before it officially launches. So, be sure to join the NEW MEDIA group on LinkedIn to get the VIP treatment on the LOB.