Microsoft Pursues Powerset, “Semantic Web” Technology

After a failed fourth (and final?) attempt to purchase Yahoo!, Microsoft has expressed interest in buying Powerset, according to a BusinessWeek article a few days ago. Powerset, like Yahoo!, is a search engine of sorts, though it promises a smarter way to search the internet. Instead of scouring the internet for words matching the query, Powerset uses “semantic web” technology and provides results based on an understanding of a word’s meaning and the context of its use. The new search engine, which now works only with Wikipedia.org, allows users to “discover Factz, unlock Meaning and scan Summaries.” These essential tools enable the user to effortlessly pull information from a variety of pages related to their search query in just a few quick clicks of their mouse. Too bad, its only works with Wikipedia, because this could be an amazing research tool.

Microsoft seems to agree with BusinessWeek that this new technology may give Google a run for its money, causing the world’s most visted search engine to rescan the entire contents of its colossal database of websites in order to unleash any sort of comparable technology.

Interestingly enough, Google PPC/Content ads running on the Powerset will have to be removed, as will the sole partnership with Wikipedia.org (which belongs to the Google family of web 2.0 products). All will have to go away before any deal is struck with Microsoft.

Watch the demo video here, to understand how Powerset works.
We think you’ll find it as awesome as we do.

Unless, of course Microsoft buys it and screws it up.
Ooops it just did. http://www.powerset.com/blog/ How’s that for fast. They bought while I was writing this blog. Holy Social Media, Batman.
Thanks to M+M staffer Steph Derry who found it and researched it.

by Dave