Is Google Making Us Stupid?

The answer is yes.

No, no just kidding. Please, please Google is GOOD. I tell clients that all the time.
I really got a kick out of this article, however.
Though the “new media” types who regularly read this blog would find this Atlantic Monthly article a sad commentary on the times, I think it’s a partly funny and fully interesting perspective from Nick Carr <http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/by/nicholas_carr>
Hope you enjoy it!
And yes, to answer your question before I get it is “yes, I still read books.” In fact, I’m halfway through The Culting of Brands, When Customer Become True Believers, by Douglas Atkin. I normally don’t recommend a book before I’m done reading the thing, but this is really, freakin’ good. And you can get a used copy on Amazon for $4. http://www.amazon.com/Culting-Brands-Customers-Become-Believers/dp/1591840279

Or Are These Websites Making Us Stupid?
And here’s a very fascinating little ditty from the minds at ChippyNews. My friend “Couch Dave” Lalonde sent it. He was probably “high” when he emailed it to me and, whew…holy moly that was 10:00 am California time.
Ok, ok. It’s just a little timewaster to share with your friends at Genworth (we read our stats and about 30 of you with Genworth email addresses have been reading this blog…tsk, tsk and on company time too. For shame.). Thank you to all the stoners at Genworth!

And of course kudos to Tobacco Avenue, Richmond’s official source of disinformation http://www.tarichmond.com/. All of the gang at madison+main are big fans. Caution: be prepared to laugh your little rotund butt off.
Some people “get it” and others don’t. So, yes, we get it.