Cool new media stuff

Hey folks check out www.chatterous.com It’s in alpha right now, but I love where they are going with it.
The site is clean and “user -proof,” an ode to the Big Red Button Theory, my version of web development and end-user design. Easy to use and navigate web is something I’ve been harping on since reading “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steven Krug a year or 2 ago. If you haven’t read it, go to www.sensible.com or Amazon, but I digress.
Chatterous looks like the convergence site I’ve been expecting, email, IM and Txt….all in one place.
Company putting it out is called A Thinking Ape. Great name. If anyone signs up, let me know your feedback:
1) do you likey?
2) applications work?
3) speed?
4) ease of use?
More cool stuff when I find it.