Madison+Main is a brand communications agency. Our humble beginnings take us back to 2005 with just two employees, and today we’re 15-people strong. Based in the “Capital Of Creativity” Richmond, Virginia, our agency provides creative solutions for a wide variety of clients throughout Virginia and the world. Twelve years ago, we had one mission; bring Madison Avenue ideas to Main Street companies. We strive to do that everyday with creative brand, marketing, and PR solutions.

Our brand pillars

  • Creative

    We're creative problem solvers. It’s in our DNA. And we’re damn good at it.

  • Intentional

    Everything we do is done by design. “Everything that happens in the universe starts with intention”
    –Deepak Chopra

  • Social

    We enjoy working with people. And you can see that everyday on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin…

  • Fun

    We work hard and we play hard. If you’re not ready to have some fun, move along to the next agency.

The Madison+Main-iacs

Our clients call us Madison+Main-iacs, because we’re crazy about our work and our clients. Would your agency dress up in a gorilla costume for you or stay up all night to meet your deadline? Yeah, I didn’t think so…



Simply put, agency founder/president Dave runs the show. He’s a nationally recognized brand and marketing expert who frequently speaks to businesses and civic organizations about the power of social media, inbound marketing, and why “Bold Brands Win.” In other words, he’s a good guy to have on your side. Dave brings 27+ years of marketing experience to the table and approaches each new client relationship with unbridled enthusiasm and an uncanny knack for creative problem solving.


Three Fun Facts About Dave:

  • Former managing director at Hal Riney & Partners
  • 2009 co-finalist for U.S. SBA’s Business Person of the Year award
  • In 1998, he won $4,800 on Wheel of Fortune



Molly makes sure all the trains run on time — and in the right direction. A caring, creative operations pro and strategist, her work behind the scenes keeps our agency on task and prepared to exceed client expectations. As COO and Madison+Main’s longest-tenured staffer, Molly executes staffing plans, manages our finances, and runs the day-to-day operations of our agency. In her spare time, she stays busy with two of the cutest little girls – Emmy and Claire – that you’ve ever seen, and takes care of her hero, and ours, 82nd Army Brigade Company Commander, Lee Whitfield.


Three Fun Facts About Molly:

  • Founded SproutLaunch.com, a website solely dedicated to rewarding people who do good deeds
  • She’s a member of Google’s Women Techmakers program
  • Created and launched the “Confessed Secrets” Alexa Skill in 2018




Once a client signs on with Madison+Main, it’s go-time for Kara Forbis. As our resident Brand Strategist, Kara oversees the research and analysis of our discovery and marketing strategy development process. Kara’s super-friendly personality, strong work ethic, and ability to multitask make her the perfect liaison between the agency and our newest clients. Kara manages everything with ease, which includes being a loving mom to her daughter, Sutton.


Three Fun Facts About Kara:

  • Heads up our Blacksburg, Va. office and visits RVA twice a month to get her oyster fix.
  • Previous work experience includes The Jones Group, Freebairn & Co., and The Wall Street Journal.
  • She probably has more connections on LinkedIn than you.



Brandy is a fine girl. And before you start singing the lyrics to the Looking Glass classic, we’ll just confide in you that she hates that song. Raised in RVA, she was born in Cape May, N.J. but left immediately after she could talk. Her first words were, “Let’s move out of New Jersey.” Brandy manages both M+M’s business development process and, something even more important, Dave.


Three Fun Facts About Brandy:

  • She can make anything out of rough hewn pine, including dog crates, end tables, and headboards
  • Prior to becoming a Madison+Main-iac, Brandy was a client of ours with World’s Best Cheesecake in Ashland, Va.
  • She manages three boys at home; a husband and two rambunctious wrestlers, ages 9 and 14.



Most folks (including his kids and dog) call him Mr. Brockwell, which is probably out of respect for his epic beard. As Communications Manager, Kent is our chief copywriter and manages public relations efforts for several Madison+Main clients. Over the years, Mr. B has helped build voices and manage reputations for Circuit City, Capital One, Allianz, Verizon FiOS, and many other brands you know.


Three Fun Facts about Kent:

  • He was a bail bondsman once upon a time and really misses chasing down fugitives
  • He moonlights as a stand-up comic with Classic Horseshoe Pattern Comedy
  • Outside of the office, Kent enjoys traditional hand line fishing, hunting, rugby, and welding




Art Webb’s parents knew all along where his future would lead. After all, he’s an Art Director with lots of Web experience. Madison+Main’s Creative Director is a sometimes shy, sometimes loud creative problem-solving machine. After earning his mass comm degree at VCU, he’s been building brands since before there was a Brandcenter, with stints at many Richmond area companies, including Capital One, Allianz, Circuit City, and Media General.


Three Fun Facts about Art:

  • Art kept and still uses the three-pound iPod he bought in 2001
  • He has been a rabid VCU Rams basketball fan since The Village Café was on the other side of Harrison Street
  • He had the foresight to buy his web domain name early on, which you may view at ArtWebb.com




Carissa is an experienced art director with a demonstrated work history in the marketing and advertising industry. She also changes her hair color based on the outfit she’s wearing. After receiving her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she was active in the school’s AIGA chapter, VCU Design Center, and VCU Da Vinci Center, Carissa went on to serve as a graphic designer and art director for Free Agents Marketing before joining M+M.


Three Fun Facts about Carissa:

  • Her great-grandfather invented the automatic bowling alley pinsetter and her grandfather invented the automated ball return.
  • She’s an awesome mom to baby Donovan and wife to adult Mike.
  • Hardcore Harry Potter fan (Team Hufflepuff all the way)



Erin is a natural-born problem solver who lives by the mantra “Make things, not ads.” In her role as Graphic Designer, Erin is primarily responsible for creating finished pieces for production, as well as assisting Senior Graphic Designer Carissa Ghaffari with various design projects for clients.


Three Fun Facts about Erin:

  • At VCU, she won a gold cannonball from the Richmond Show and a Silver Addy from AAF’s Hampton Roads chapter
  • Started at Madison+Main as an intern but quickly proved that she was ready for the big leagues
  • Has a bachelor’s degree in mass comm as well as an associates degree in social science education



Kaitlin is definitely the person we’d pick to be stranded on a desert island with. Her array of talents are put to good use at Madison+Main, although we haven’t found a way to utilize her expert skills in underwater basket weaving. Kaitlin comes to us from the Virginia Gazette and previously worked at The Martin Agency. At M+M, Kaitlin oversees the Account Management department and handles day-to-day responsibilities of our clients.


Three Fun Facts about Kaitlin:

  • She once prepared a business plan for her 12th birthday party and presented it to her parents for approval.
  • Has an extensive collection of classic and frankly odd board games, including one based on surviving the Titanic disaster.
  • Copy edited her own diploma from VCU.



A master-planner and lifetime communicator, Leanne is our super sweet and fun-loving Account Executive. In fact, she’s always been ahead of the game, entering “the terrible twos” on her first birthday. Leanne joined Madison+Main after gaining experience at San Francisco-based H&L Partners and in RVA as Marketing Director of the The Joel Bieber Firm.


Three Fun Facts about Leanne:

  • Leanne is a member of the Massey Cancer Center Alliance Board and spends her free time planning events and raising money to wipe Cancer off the planet.
  • She doesn’t know how or why she learned it, but she can sing the ABC’s backwards flawlessly. Call it a party trick.
  • Leanne loves making new friends – especially on LinkedIn where she has almost 2,000 of them. Join the club! 



Naturally outgoing and blessed with the gift of gab, Haleigh is Madison+Main’s Client Services Coordinator. Following highly successful back-to-back stints as an intern for Madison+Main in 2017, Haleigh proved that she had the right stuff. Shortly after her graduation from Virginia Commonwealth University, we offered the Richmond native her first post-college big girl job, and she’s been an amazing addition to the team!


Three Fun Facts about Haleigh:

  • Haleigh starts every day by making her bed because extreme planning matters!
  • Haleigh will readily tell you about her obsession with with doughnuts — her go-to is a Krispy Kreme Chocolate Iced Glazed with Sprinkles.
  • She has a sassy labradoodle, Millie, who prefers Glazed Crullers, if you’re offering.



Listening has always come easy to Account Executive Allison Throckmorton. As an infant she was a late talker, preferring to listen a lot until she began speaking as a terrible two. Clients appreciate her thoughtfulness and straightforward style (her BFF Bridget calls her ‘blunt’), and colleagues notice that she’s self-motivated, and can even get a procrastinator to move quickly.

A Christopher Newport University alum, she edited the school newspaper, “The Captains Log,” writing about everything except sports. After stints at Commonwealth Architects and Lockwood Broadcast Group, Allison decided she wanted to be a Madison+Main-iac. Crazy, right?


Three Fun Facts about Allison:

  • Allison can quote almost every episode of Seinfeld.
  • She spends weekends antiquing, but rarely buys them.
  • She owns a mini potbelly pig named Bentley.



Life isn’t always fair, and Jr. Copywriter Derek Fair knows this. It’s hard coming up with new puns every day about your last name, but Derek manages to bring a smile to everyone, and his clients with punny, self-deprecating one-liners.  Derek rose above the crowd of interns in 2015 with his quit wit and A-rated ad copy, and now writes all of M+M’s digital copy, from banner ads to websites.

Prior to joining the team, Derek worked at Complex Magazine & Capital One – where he made fun of the “what’s in your wallet?” campaign daily. His answer; Not enough.

Soooooo, he joined Madison+Main where his talents are truly appreciated. This former VCU Mass Comm “word nerd” gave us three adjectives to describe himself; obsequious, pertinacious and imperturbable.


Three Fun Facts about Derek:

  • Derek once played Jenga against Riff Raff…and lost.
  • He goes to bars and pretends he’s “Teen Mom” star Taylor McKinney.
  • At age 7, a bee stung him playing soccer and he stripped his clothes off at midfield so he could finish the match.



Katie “the Boss” Rossberg is a study in contrasts. Her classmates in high school voted her in as Homecoming Queen, yet also gave her the nod for the funniest in her class. As Office Manager, this loud and proud Randolph-Macon College Yellow Jacket takes care of both the Madison+Main-iacs and our clients with a smile that’s as big as her heart (but not quite as big as her volleyball-crushing hands.) Prior to M+M, Katie worked her way through college slinging crab cakes at Strawberry Street Cafe and pouring perfect pints at the Iron Horse in Ashland. Katie is also one of our resident experts on Instagram (@rossybossyy has almost 1,000 followers who log in daily to see pics of her pup, Ozzie.)

Three Fun Facts about Katie

  • Katie once waited on actor Rainn Wilson (a.k.a. Dwight Schrute from The Office.)
  • She once flogged a Fleming in a bar in Brussels who picked her pocket.
  • She is supposedly Team Gryffindor but desperately wants to be Team Hufflepuff, just like her new #bff Carissa.



Hattie Saunders is slowly but surely inching her way up the M+M food chain. After signing on as a Production Assistant in 2012, Hattie was promoted to Social Media Coordinator in 2018 and now manages Madison+Main’s social media accounts. When she’s not drafting content calendars or keeping up with the latest Instagram trends, she’s working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education at James Madison University or singing in her a cappella choir, Low Key (check them out here)


Three Fun Facts about Hattie

  • She has Chronic Hiccups. Really? Yes, really.
  • She’s a dual-citizen (U.S and U.K)
  • She can play 3 instruments (and counting)



Over the years we have formed strategic partnerships with companies large and small, from Google and Constant Contact, to the world’s largest communications firm Burson-Marsteller and Richmond-based Alliance Group. We’ve partnered with award-winning web developers like ByteJam and Stovepipe, to non-profit & business consultants Knowledge Advisory Group and Warren Whitney.

These strong relationships help us help our clients, without having to manage multiple relationships. Madison+Main is your single point of contact. (Our clients LOVE this, by the way.)