101 East Cary St, Richmond, VA
ABOUT - Madison+Main
Learn how Madison+Main brings Madison Avenue ideas to Main Street companies every day and meet the fine folks that make all the marketing magic happen.
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Madison+Main is a brand communications agency. Our humble beginnings take us back to 2005 with just two employees, and today we’re 15-people strong. Based in the “Capital Of Creativity” Richmond, Virginia, our agency provides creative solutions for a wide variety of clients throughout Virginia and the world. Twelve years ago, we had one mission; bring Madison Avenue ideas to Main Street companies. We strive to do that everyday with creative brand, marketing, and PR solutions.

Our brand pillars

  • Creative

    We're creative problem solvers. It’s in our DNA. And we’re damn good at it.

  • Intentional

    Everything we do is done by design. “Everything that happens in the universe starts with intention”
    –Deepak Chopra

  • Social

    We enjoy working with people. And you can see that everyday on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin…

  • Fun

    We work hard and we play hard. If you’re not ready to have some fun, move along to the next agency.

The Madison+Main-iacs

Our clients call us Madison+Main-iacs, because we’re crazy about our work and our clients. Would your agency dress up in a gorilla costume for you or stay up all night to meet your deadline? Yeah, I didn’t think so…



Simply put, agency founder and President Dave runs the show. He’s a Brand Evangelist. A Marketing Maven. He’s a nationally recognized brand and marketing expert who frequently speaks to organizations about the power of social media, inbound marketing and why “Bold Brands Win.” In other words, he’s a good guy to have on your side. Dave brings 25+ years of experience and approaches each new client relationship with unbridled enthusiasm and an uncanny knack for creative problem solving.

Prior to hatching the idea for Madison+Main in 2005, he worked for some of the largest agencies (and some of the biggest brands) in the US. Since that time, he taught the nation’s first college course on social media marketing and his peers at the Richmond Ad Club honored him as “Ad Person of the Year.”


If you haven’t seen Dave on the news or read about him in newspaper, you can just Google him.



Dave runs the front of the house and Molly runs the back office. She makes sure all the trains run on time (and in the right direction), and colleagues describe her as a caring and creative Business Manager and Strategist. Her work behind the scenes keeps our agency on task and prepared to exceed client expectations. As Vice President of Operations, Molly executes staffing plans, manages the agency finances and has run the day-to-day operations of our agency since joining us in 2007. You’ve never met a kinder person, and her passion for people is evident from the first time you meet her.


And 12k people love her on Twitter.



There’s no one better suited to manage your brand than Kara. Kara’s super-friendly personality, strong work ethic and her ability to multitask make her the perfect liaison between the agency and its clients. Kara has more than a decade of agency experience and lends not only her project management skills, but also her energy, creativity and focus to every task and assignment at Madison+Main. As Vice President of Brand Strategy, Kara manages a number of clients, but also oversees the entire account team as well as the new client Discovery process.


Kara heads up our Blacksburg, Virginia office and visits RVA twice a month to get her oyster fix. She probably has more connections on LinkedIn than you.



There’s no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in Sophie. #true Our talented Marketing & Partnerships Coordinator Sophie is a former VCU Ram who previously worked as Marketing Manager at RDP Worldwide. She works on a wide variety of projects at Madison+Main, from business development to communications with clients and maintaining strategic partnerships.


Sophie has a winning smile and a “can do” attitude. Both attributes served her well in her Marketing Degree in Brand Management & Product Innovation (at VCU’s Da Vinci Center). Sophie’s social media skills help us pay the bills and her selfie game is “off the charts.” Connecting to Miss Fisher on Linkedin might be a good idea, because she can introduce you to more than 2,000 people there. Sophie can get anything done, except getting Dave to take a Pilates class.



Art Webb’s parents knew all along where his future would lead. After all, he’s an Art Director with lots of Web experience.


Madison+Main’s Associate Creative Director is a sometimes shy, sometimes loud creative problem-solving machine. After earning a degree in Mass Comm at VCU, he’s been building brands before there was a Brandcenter, with stints at many Richmond area companies such as Capital One, Allianz Global Assistance, Circuit City, and Media General.


Like Dave, Art has been a rabid VCU Rams Basketball fan since The Village Café was on the other side of Harrison Street. As an early adopter of technology, Art kept and still uses the three-pound iPod he bought in 2001.


He also had the foresight to buy his domain name that same year, which you may view at



Kaity Carr is a study in contrasts. She enjoys long walks on the beach… and long waits in tree stands. She is obsessed with mermaids… but is a great shot with a 12 gauge. What does remain the same across the board with Kaity is her supreme talent for graphic design. Fueled by creativity and innovation, Kaity helps our clients convey brands in the best way possible. Her work enables clients to catch “the big one” – and no, we’re not talking about her love of fishing.


Kaity manages our video production projects and is an extremely talented photographer to boot. Check out some of Kaity’s photos on her Instagram page.

Madison+Main Communications Manager Kent Brockwell



Kent is Madison+Main’s word-nerd-in-residence.
Most folks (including his kids and dog) call him Mr. Brockwell, which is probably out of respect for his epic beard.


Kent joined the Main-iacs crew more than a decade after starting his word wrangling career as a business/legal/NFL print journalist in Jacksonville, Florida. After escaping the swampland, Kent returned to RVA to advance his writing career in the realm of online journalism before breaking into the marketing world. Since becoming an ad man, he’s helped build brands for Circuit City, Capital One, Allianz, Getloaded, and Create Digital, just to name a few.


When he’s not wringing out a thesaurus, this Renaissance man enjoys traditional hand line fishing, hunting, freedom, and coaching college women’s rugby – go VCU! He also moonlights as a stand-up comic with Classic Horseshoe Pattern Comedy.


For your grammatically correct dirty joke of the day, visit Mr. B on LinkedIn.



Kaitlin Riddle is our resident Renaissance woman. She’s definitely the person we’d pick to be stranded on a desert island with. Her array of talents are put to good use at Madison + Main, although we haven’t found a way to utilize her expert skills in underwater basket weaving.


Kaitlin comes to us from the Virginia Gazette and previously worked at The Martin Agency where she honed her Account Executive skills. She is guided by her natural curiosity and even copy edited her diploma from VCU, graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mass Communication with a specialization of Strategic Advertising and a minor in General Business… we could keep going but we ran out of breath.


Kaitlin is such a go-getter that she once prepared a business plan for her birthday party and presented it to her parents for approval, when she was 11 years old. Break out the trust falls people, because she’s got your back.



Meredith Mason knows how to get ‘er done.


An expat of the Nation of Texas, Meredith recently relocated to Richmond with her husband, Ronnie, to join our merry band of Main-iacs. While we’re happy she’s here with her ten-gallon hat chock-full of great ideas for our clients, she’s happy being a lot closer to Broadway and the museums of New York City, which is her favorite and frequent travel destination (Yes, we already told her about the $30 Chinatown bus).


As an Account Executive and lifelong fan of elephants, Meredith knows a thing or two about loyalty – especially when it comes to nurturing long-lasting relationships with her clients. She absolutely loves helping small business owners build dynamic solutions, winning brands, and ongoing success.


Please note: If Meredith drives you to a lunch meeting, there will be Broadway show tunes…and maybe a sing-a-long.


Get your ticket for her next rush hour performance on LinkedIn.



There’s the right way and then there’s the Ong way. Matt Ong, aka “Matty Ice,” is our Client Services Coordinator and he works with our Account Team managing projects and several partner relationships. He’s a smart young man, but a glutton for punishment. He interned at Madison+Main, not once, but twice. After suffering through an entire year of making coffee and tracking down lost FedEx packages, he graduated from VCU and into a full-time job at M+M.


Matt earned his degree in Marketing from VCU’s Snead School of Business and was the winner of the AMA-Richmond Robert R. Barber Scholarship. Matt is a Scorpio and likes long walks on the beach, and he once bungee jumped off a 200-foot tall bridge in British Columbia. His Instagram account is totally Hefe.



Erin is a natural-born problem solver. She started at Madison+Main as an intern but quickly proved that she was an invaluable solution for our team. When Madison+Main was down a designer due to the wrath of wedding season, Erin stepped up to the task. Her artistic eye, attention to detail, and drive to ask the big questions made our decision to transition Erin from intern to staffer a no-brainer.


She lives by the mantra “Make things, not ads” and she has the hardware to prove it. As a VCU student, she picked up two awards that proudly sit on her soon-to-expand trophy case — a gold cannonball from the Richmond Show and a Silver Addy from AAF’s Hampton Roads chapter.


Erin graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. She also holds an associate’s degree in social science education.





Over the years we have formed strategic partnerships with companies large and small, from Google and Constant Contact, to the world’s largest communications firm Burson-Marsteller and Richmond-based Alliance Group. We’ve partnered with award-winning web developers like ByteJam and Stovepipe, to non-profit & business consultants Knowledge Advisory Group and Warren Whitney.

These strong relationships help us help our clients, without having to manage multiple relationships. Madison+Main is your single point of contact. (Our clients LOVE this, by the way.)

Our Clients

We’d be nuthin’ without the great clients we work with day in and day out. They come in all different sizes, from all different industries, from all over the country, but at the end of the day they all have one thing in common: the bold desire to be the best. And we help get them there.