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Social Listening: What is it and why is it important for business?

By Account Management Intern, Riley O’Shea

Renowned marketing expert Austin Powers once noted that the size of your social web presence is irrelevant, but rather “it’s how you use it” that really matters. Naturally, Mr. Powers was describing the latest digital marketing trend known as “social listening.” At its core, social listening involves closely monitoring conversations taking place on social media about your brand, giving you the power to identify opportunities to engage with customers and prospects. Through today’s social platforms, consumers engage brands in real time and firms can’t afford not to listen and market at the same speed.

Mining through mounds of seemingly irrelevant tweets and never-ending social mentions may seem impossible, but facilitation tools like Hootsuite and Brandwatch allow firms to harness all of social media’s unstructured data. Through these tools, firms “listen” to their consumers by identifying both key words and influencers directly related to their brand. Where specific words unearth the woes or triumphs felt by the individual consumer, the observation of big influencers (like industry experts with a large social presence) gives firms greater industry visibility.

The business applications of social listening are endless. Customer service issues can be addressed on the spot with direct assistance or simple expressions of empathy, working to give the brand a more human touch. Geo-location settings distinguish varying brand chatter across regions, paving the way for more efficient marketing strategies. Additionally, social listening allows firms to keep a close eye on how consumers interact with competitive brands.

Today, consumers demand perfect service and will quickly express their opinions through social media. Social listening gives firms the needed edge to constantly market to these mobile, social customers.

Post 06.5.14 – Madison+Main Tries Rock Bottom Brewery!

By Lindsey Durfee, Marketing Administrator First off, who doesn’t appreciate a good craft beer? All right, all right. I understand that there’s such a thing as “gluten free” people, like my favorite Graphic Designer on staff, who physically cannot enjoy a good beer. But otherwise, who can say no? I certainly can’t. When Brian Chandler, President of CommonwealthPR, approached Madison+Main with anContinue Reading

Post 06.5.14 – Virginia Women’s Center Takes Over Chesterfield Towne Center!

By Graphic Designer, Colleen Festa This spring has been a very exciting time, as we launched a new interactive, large-scale campaign for our client Virginia Women’s Center. This campaign actually began last year, when we began sharing tips on how to live healthy and improve your life. We designed interactive social media graphics and infographics that used bright and fun illustrations. The popularityContinue Reading

Post 06.4.14 – Madison+Main’s June Media Mixer at Casa Del Barco!

You’re Invited! Join the Madison+Main-iacs on Wednesday June 18th, 2014 from 5:30 – 8:30pm for our June Media Mixer at Casa del Barco! Appetizers Happy Hour Drink Specials Networking 320 South 12th Street Richmond, Virginia 23219 (Downtown, at the historic Canal Walk) To RSVP… email or sign up on our Facebook page, or tweet us @madisonmain or give us a call at (804)Continue Reading

Post 06.3.14 – Introducing Our Summer 2014 Interns!

Introducing our Summer 2014 Interns! Kaity “Sea Bass” Byrum, Graphic Design Intern I graduated from Longwood University in 2013 with a BFA in Graphic Design. After taking some time off post-graduation, I am hoping that my internship at Madison+Main will help me re-enter the world of graphic design by freshening up my skills and gaining some real world experience.Continue Reading

Post 05.30.14 – Madison+Main’s Weekly Report

Hey folks, With a Monday holiday, the week at Madison+Main was short and sweet; just like Sammy Yatco, our superstar Account Manager who was on vacation in OBX this week. And boy, did we miss her. This week’s email is going to be short and sweet as well, because there’s too much to do today and not enough hours. You’veContinue Reading

Post 05.23.14 – Madison+Main’s Weekly Report

Hey folks, I am dialing in this week’s Report from the beautiful Bath County, Virginia, and more specifically, holding my iPhone at a 45 degree angle towards a cell repeating station somewhere South/Southwest of Warm Spring, Virginia on top of a peak in the George Washington National Forest. Thank goodness I have Verizon. If IContinue Reading

Post 05.22.14 – 33rd Annual Vintage Virginia Wine & Food Festival

33rd Annual Vintage Virginia Wine & Food Festival May 31 – June 1, 2014 Next weekend, you’ll find the Madison+Main-iacs in Northern Virginia for the 33rd Annual Vintage Virginia Wine & Food Festival. The highly anticipated event, located at Bull Run Park Special Events Center in Centreville, is guaranteed to quench your thirst and fill yourContinue Reading

Post 05.16.14 – Madison+Main’s Weekly Report

Hey folks, “I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted to one time to see you laughing
I only wanted to see you
Laughing in the Purple Rain” It feels a lot like 1994. I was living in Los Angeles at the time, and everyone was talking aboutContinue Reading

Post 05.14.14 – So Long, Spring 2014 Interns!

By Sarah Dawes Murphy, Marketing Communications Executive Ah, May. The end of the academic semester. The time when Madison+Main-iacs try to squeeze work into every last second our out-going interns spend still roaming the first floor of 101 E. Cary. Cruel? Maybe. But we’re really just prepping for what I’ve come to call, “The Intern Void”—thatContinue Reading

Post 05.9.14 – Madison+Main’s Weekly Report

Hey folks, It was a busy week at Madison+Main as May rushed in. The Madison+Main-iacs and I have been attending events nonstop this month. On May 1st we sponsored the RVA Creativity Awards. On May 2nd we attended the Richmond Ad Show. And this week, I had an after-hours event every single night. That, combined with early morning meetingsContinue Reading

Post 05.6.14 – Oregon V.S. POM

It’s tough when people criticize your work product. Especially in this business, the ad business, where we put a lot of time and thought and creativity into projects, it is difficult to be subjected to criticisms. We expect our peers to be respectful and constructive. We let clients be more than honest with feedback. ButContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report for May 2nd, 2014

It’s Award Season! Hey folks, RVA Award Season is in full swing. It’s that time of year where generally mild-mannered business types forgo formalities of humility and strap on cocktail wear to self-congratulate one another. And why not, darn it? There are people out there who deserve a little recognition for things like hard work, creativity and givingContinue Reading

Fiesta de Bananas at Madison+Main: 5/5 at 5PM!

Join the Madison+Main-iacs on Monday, May 5th at 5:00PM for a special Cinco de Mayo event! Margaritas Nacho Bar Banana Inspired Drinks 101 E Cary St. Richmond, Virginia 23219 We look forward to seeing you on Monday!  – The Kids at Madison+Main

Tweet Using Keyboard Shortcuts

By Account Management Intern, Emily Farrar Everyday we have less time to complete our to do list, so “life hacks” are becoming more important. A life hack is a “trick, shortcut, skill or novelty method used to increase efficiency and productivity.” Did you know there are life hacks for #Twitter? As a fan of bothContinue Reading

Using Social Media to Develop Influence

By Dave Saunders, Chief Idea Officer Today’s topic is Influence. How do you gain influence personally, professional and as a company? And who is influenced? Influence as a strategy is important in developing the social space essential for cultivating expert status. This should be your primary strategy, especially in a B2B market (i.e. lawyers, accountants, consultantsContinue Reading

The Right Way to Manage Your Business Profile with LinkedIn

By Digital Marketing Intern Emily Pickering With LinkedIn having over 200 million professionals, business owners shouldn’t underestimate its potential as a networking, reputation management and lead generation tool. Here’s a look at our top 3 recommendations for business owners using LinkedIn.   Fill Out Your Company Profile Completely – this is an incredibly important inContinue Reading

8 Things Not to Post on #Twitter

By Emily Farrar, Account Services Intern   To start off – I love Twitter! It is a great way to keep in touch with friends, stay up to date with news and be connected in many ways. However, it is also important to use Twitter in good taste.   Here are eight things to avoidContinue Reading

SEO in Easy Terms

Madison+Main Chief Idea Officer, Dave Saunders sits down with Kieran Wagner to discuss SEO in easy terms. Dave talks about the variety of acronyms that marketers use and demystifies one of them, Search Engine Optimization. Dave explains what businesses want to know in common sense terms and everyday language.Continue Reading

Augmented Reality

By Sarah Dawes, Client Services Coordinator aka @SDawesie What is it? “At Madison+Main, we know the difference between what’s new and what’s next.” We’ve been living by this phrase at Madison+Main since the very beginning, which might be why we’re all completely jazzed about augmented reality: a new technology that uses computer generated images to blurContinue Reading

Facebook Timeline is Coming! Don’t Panic.

Beginning March 30th, Facebook is making its new Timeline mandatory for all users and pages. Yikes.

Judging from the reaction around the social media world, “change” is not something everyone likes. However, businesses should not be fear the changes but embrace them. These new FB formats will help them more easily market and manage your brand message. Here are some tips from the team at Madison+Main, so your company is well prepared.Continue Reading

Google+ is Now Open for Business(es)

Building an online presence via Google+ is now possible for more than just individuals. The social-networking site launched “Google+ Pages” today as a means of providing profiles for businesses, brands, places, teams and other non-entities. Page holders enjoy most of the same features that are included in personal profiles but are allowed additional features likeContinue Reading

Madison+Main Creates YouTube Video for MS Society

As many of you know, Madison+Main is committed to working towards a world free of Multiple Sclerosis. And as a big supporter of the Central Virginia Chapter of the MS Society, we have volunteered our time and services to help promote their fundraising events. This past spring, several of the Madison+Mainiacs took part in theContinue Reading

National MS Society Raises a Whopping $4.3 Million Through Social Media

According to a recent survey in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, only half of the 150 charities surveyed were generating any revenue from social media. Bucking the trend was the National MS Society, which raised an impressive $4.3 Million in 2010, directly through social media. We all know that social media is vital in today’s marketingContinue Reading

Twitter Spreads Faster than Earthquake

Twitter produces thousands of tweets per second, but did you know that this real-time, social media platform can actually spread news faster than the speed of seismic waves? That’s exactly what happened on Tuesday, August 23, 2011. Around 1:50pm, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that originated in Mineral, VA shook the ground, causing glass to rattle,Continue Reading

Spotify, and how social media shapes music

Amidst much fanfare, Spotify launched its services in the United States on Thursday July 14th, offering a massive library of streaming music and, some might say, yet another nail in the coffin for record store employees with lush knowledge of obscure music. Though Spotify offers little more than Grooveshark – a similar music platform whichContinue Reading

Google+: A Party for Plus Ones

Google+ is the biggest party of the year and everyone’s going. If you haven’t received an invitation to join Google’s newly launched social networking site, then ask us for one because this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. For the Facebook loyalists and those who are still unsure about Google+, we’d like youContinue Reading

Madison+Main Wins “Excellence in New Communications Award” from SNCR (Society for New Communications Research)

The 2010 SNCR Excellence in New Communications Awards were announced Friday, November 5th at the Stanford Park Hotel in Menlo Park California, and Madison + Main’s 2010 integrated marketing campaign for was selected as a winner in the Use of Multiple Platforms/Integrated Initiatives category. These prestigious awards honor the work of individuals, corporations, nonprofitContinue Reading

Mobile Apps & The Clumsy, Cumbersome World Wide Web

Netflix just released their iPhone app. “What took so long?” we wondered. I opened it up expecting to simply have a queue manager. It allows you to stream entire movies from your Instant Queue on your device. I’m still impressed by the streaming Netflix app on my Wii and then this, at no additional cost.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Bookmarking Your Favorite Web Images

This is not a new topic but we continue encountering sites like FFFFound and in natural search results and elsewhere on an increasingly regular basis. This draws the conclusion that image bookmarking is gaining traction in a much broader web audience through a handful of platforms. Web users across the board love image searchingContinue Reading

Google Friends

A few months back we launched our current site and added Google Friend Connect because it’s obviously a good idea to do so. Right? Why is that, again? Honestly at the time I wasn’t sure why it was useful. Google Wave and Buzz had recently uninspired the world (after piquing much anticipatory interest) but FriendContinue Reading

Two and a Half Minutes of Caution

The shortest blog I’ll write all year; this video is brilliant: Thanks to my friend Dave Necessary for turning me on to it. Follow him on Twitter @davidnecessary.

How 0.02mm Reset Creative Standards

How do you know when a brand has come up with a truly creative concept? Is it in the language used or an innovative use of the medium through which it’s distributed? Or is there a bigger value in what you don’t say? This is a post about creative marketing. It involves marketing condoms. SagamiContinue Reading

Be Glad You’re Not the Internet

Think you’re busy? Try being the Internet… Imagine being called upon every day to: -Send 210 billion emails -Upload 3 million images -Share 5 million tweets Wow. And we thought that checking Twitter, Facebook, and foursquare in between conference calls and client meetings was multi-tasking. Today, friends, if your website pages are loading too slowlyContinue Reading

Three Things Your Customers Want

Three Things Your Customers Want (and how new media will help you deliver).

A blog on why it really pays to engage your customers.Continue Reading

Behind The Scenes: 2010 Shorty Awards in NYC

Continuing our behind-the-scenes coverage of the second annual 2010 Shorty Awards in New York City we bring to you our exclusive new video.  Catch Advertising category nominee David Saunders (@madmain) as he mingles and poses on the red carpet for photo ops with…Grover from Sesame Street? You never know what you’re going to get whenContinue Reading

eSmart Tax’s Daryl Johnson is “Makin’ it Rain!”

The campaign has a few unique elements that the media has found interesting; and eSmart’s new campaign spokesperson, Daryl Johnson, coincidentally enough is from Richmond, VA. Daryl Johnson, a 28-year-old, fun-loving, golf-playing, lawn care company owner, is the new spokesperson for, the online tax service powered by Liberty Tax Service. Before Daryl meets theContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Top 10 Reasons to Vote @madmain for a Shorty Award

“Why should I vote for you?” I guess it’s a legitimate question, but nevertheless I was unprepared for it. Recently, I’ve been asked, “Why should I vote for you for a Shorty Award?” …I don’t know, maybe because we’re friends?Or because we work together?Or because you’re in my Mass Comm. class?Or because I donate aContinue Reading

@TheDarylJohnson is “Makin’ it Rain” on Twitter!

The “Makin’ it Rain” contest from eSmart Tax rewards one Twitter user each day with a $100 VISA debit card just for tweeting @thedaryljohnson what they will do with their tax refund in 140 characters or less. The “Makin it Rain” Twitter contest begins on January 15th at 12:00 am EST and ends on FebruaryContinue Reading

eSmart Tax’s Spokesperson Gives Away Cash on Twitter

Madison+Main’s marketing campaign for eSmart Tax, featuring Daryl Johnson, is giving away $100 Visa gift cards to Twitter users every day for the next 30 days. eSmart’s “Makin’ it Rain” contest rewards one lucky Twitter user every day until Valentine’s Day with $100 a day. Contestants simply need to tell @thedaryljohnson how they plan toContinue Reading

eSmart Tax Gets National Media Attention

The campaign has a few unique elements that the media has found interesting; and eSmart’s new campaign spokesperson, Daryl Johnson, coincidentally enough is from Richmond, VA. Richmond, VA, January 13th, 2010 – Daryl Johnson, a 28-year-old, fun-loving, golf-playing, lawn care company owner, is the new spokesperson for, the online tax service powered by LibertyContinue Reading

RVA – New Media Seminar – November 18th!

The next New Media Seminar will be held November 18th, 2009 from 10am – 2pm at the Holiday Inn Select Koger Conference Center. Join nationally recognized new media expert Dave Saunders, Chief Idea Officer of Madison+Main, for an exciting half-day seminar. Learn about web, search engine marketing and measuring ROI. Find out how you canContinue Reading

Half of U.S. Employers Block Social Media, Meaning Half of US Employers are Stupid

by Dave Saunders According to a new Report from Robert Half Technology 54% of US companies block employees access to social media websites. Over 1,400 CIO’s (chief information officers) were polled in the survey, first reported first by a few days ago. Although the report didn’t speak to the reasons why, we can onlyContinue Reading

Color Goes Pop

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – September 20, 2009 I am continuing to follow Ray-Ban Films “Never Hide Films” viral video campaign because of it’s large spectrum of topics and style. The video “Color Goes Pop” stood out to me a bit with it’s higher budget look and feel and the attention to theContinue Reading

The Craigslist Context

Posted by Jeff Smack, Art Director“People are good and trustworthy and generally just concerned with getting through the day,” Craig Newmark, the Craigslist founder and namesake, is quoted in the newest issue of WIRED. This is a bit of a sequel to a previous post. I cringe at the danger-hype around Craigslist and other internetContinue Reading

Dave Saunders gives advice at Richmond Retail Marketing Expo

The local Retail Marketing Expo, held on August 4th at the convention center, looked to Madison+Main’s Dave Saunders for advice on leveraging social media. Here he is quoted in the Richmond Times-Dispatch about what social media can and can’t do for your business.

100 people per minute freestyle

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – July 25, 2009 Ray-Ban’s Never Hide Films latest video “100 people per minute freestyle” which features customized songs from user generated material. I like the second phase of the song which was a bit more rhythmic. Interesting outcome from their promotional booth at the SXSW music festival.

Don’t Be Afraid of Social Media

Posted by Jeff Smack, Art Director First I must ask, “Where do you get your news?” If you said “I get the bulk of my news from half hour programs, at the same time, everyday, via network television.” then you’re probably not reading this blog. Or you’re into nostalgic rituals like walking down the drivewayContinue Reading

Super Chameleon

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – July 11, 2009 Ray-Ban’s “Never Hide Films” latest video “Super Chameleon”. It’s had quite a response for only being up for 3 months. Great combination of visuals and sound.

More Media Coverage for Madison+Main

There’s more news in the Richmond Times-Dispatch about the benefits of Social Media for businesses. Here you can read how local businesses are finding new business through Twitter, and once your done there check out this piece on the New Media Seminars, where small business owners and marketers are learning how to leverage new mediaContinue Reading

Guy catches glasses with his face

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – June 13, 2009 Yet another installment from Ray-Ban’s Never Hide Films where a guy “catches glasses with his face.” This is an older video, but I enjoyed how the up the ante with each face catch. Enjoy.

Cow gives birth to a dude

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – June 6, 2009 Here is the “Cow gives birth to a dude” video I discussed previously from Ray-Ban’s Never Hide Films. I enjoyed the “never hide” placement spray painted on the side of the trash bin. I’m pretty sure the gross factor of this particular video had aContinue Reading

Monster Yarn Ball Rolling in San Francisco

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – May 31, 2009 Never Hide Films AKA Ray-Ban’s viral online presence created a video of a very large yarn ball unwinding down San Francisco streets. Great edits and locations. There are over 10 different videos covering all sorts of topics of a cow giving birth to female bodyContinue Reading

Talking New Media Via Old Media

We all know that new media is the best thing to hit the world since individually wrapped slices of cheese. Social networking is here, it’s here to stay and it continues to captivate droves of people kind of like flip-flops and Pabst Blue Ribbon captivate your typical everyday hipster! While we all entertain each otherContinue Reading

The Beautiful Word – Yoga

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – May 10, 2009 The final piece to the Scrabble campaign, “The Beautiful Word” by French agency, Ogilvy & Mather.

The Beautiful Word – Sumo

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – May 9, 2009 This is the latest addition to the Scrabble campaign, “The Beautiful Word” by French agency, Ogilvy & Mather.

President and Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders on WTVR 6

WTVR-6 CBS is running special segments this week about social media featuring Madison+Main President and Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders. Dave is touching on Facebook and Twitter to give people a better understanding of how to use the social networking tools. The Wednesday, May 6 sessions feature four segments. To see Dave explain Facebook, clickContinue Reading

The Beautiful Word – Hula

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – May 2, 2009 French agency, Ogilvy & Mather, Paris, created a very unique campaign for Mattel’s classic game Scrabble. The animation and choice of music gives the game a lot of fresh personality.

Social Media Literacy & “Pop” Culture

Posted by Jeff Smack, Art Director A lot of people I speak to that are not yet on Twitter seem to be actively avoiding it. I’m not prepared to throw the term “luddite” around lightly but I would like to make a point. Whether Twitter is around in 5 years or not is irrelevant. ItContinue Reading Picks Madison+Main to Promote Website Re-Launch has tapped Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media to market the re-launch of the Richmond, Virginia website, as it redefines itself as “the online home for fun things to do in Richmond.” has worked diligently over the last several months building a new website. Madison+Main will coordinate a traditional and new media advertising campaignContinue Reading

Richmond – New Media Seminars – 4/29

The next New Media Seminar will be held in Richmond, Virginia on April 29th at the Holiday Inn Select – Koger Center. Please go to for more information and to purchase tickets online!

These are the “Daves” I know

These are the “Daves” I know. Well, I don’t exactly know them all, but I know of them. I always suspected there were other Dave Saunders in the world. After all, the yellow pages in my hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia had a couple. In college, I received a report card from VCU with the impeccableContinue Reading

Tanya Free Chooses Madison+Main For New Website and Social Media Campaign

Popular radio host and blogger, Tanya Free, has retained Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media to develop a new website, blog and to consult on a social media marketing campaign. Madison+Main will redesign her current website and blog, while also helping her launch a social media campaign to maximize her online presence. The new website andContinue Reading

the BIG RVA Twitter List!

by Dave Saunders Hey guys. Thought of compiling an RVA twitter list to help connect you to those in Richmond that are addicted to Twitter. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, but only got around to putting it together this morning. (Give me break, I’ve been busy!)These are folks that I workContinue Reading

Video Birthday Cards….easy, simple, effective

All right, so the kids at Madison+Main are not about to quit our day jobs. After all, we’re better marketers than singers. We send a video birthday card to every client. We gather staff together for a few minutes, sing our hearts out and then email the video to the client.Yeah, it’s a little corny,Continue Reading

Examples of Social Media Marketing

Posted by Jeff Smack, Art Director This is an evolving wiki of “Social Media Marketing Examples” compiled by Peter Kim (@peterkim) and his community. It illustrates which brands are using social media marketing, in what ways, with convenient links to each example. Check it out. We think it’s a beautiful thing!

March 5th is Deadline to get Tickets for Richmond’s First New Media Seminar

Today is the last day to purchase tickets for Virginia’s first New Media Seminar, which will teach small business owners how to maximize online marketing efforts through new media tools March 10th at the Holiday Inn Select Koger Conference Center. The seminar will show attendees how to create a new media marketing strategy, expand theirContinue Reading

Social Media Experts to Gather in Richmond, VA for New Media Seminar

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on, and so on. It’s all over the news, but as a business owner or marketer, you have questions. Luckily, Madison+Main and several other companies are teaming up to bring the New Media Seminar series to Richmond March 10th and 11th at Holiday Inn Select Koger Conference Center. President &Continue Reading

Meaningful Connection

Posted by Jeff Smack, Art DirectorThere’s a ton of buzz surrounding Social Media’s claim to the future of advertising and communication in general. No matter what can be boasted on behalf of social media, one thing can not be denied: It connects people. Connections are as significant as the people that make them. Over theContinue Reading

Behind the scenes at NYC’s Shorty Awards

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – February 14, 2009 Here’s a short “behind the scenes” video of Dave Saunders AKA @madmain at the Shorty Awards in New York City. The event was held on February 11th, 2009 and can be viewed online at Attendees included MC Hammer, AFI bassist Hunter Burgan and wasContinue Reading

Madison+Main’s Dave Saunders in Wired article on Twitter

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – February 13, 2009 We are proud of our fearless leader, David Saunders. Within this past week, he has been in the Wall Street Journal and now Wired! The Wired article titled, “The Shorty Awards: Why Nerds Hate Twitter,” focuses on how the Shorty Award winners and finalist attrackContinue Reading

President Dave Saunders Shorty Award Finalist

Madison+Main President Dave Saunders, aka madmain, was recognized at the Knight Foundation’s Shorty Awards yesterday in the category of advertising. Dave was voted to the top by his Twitter peers. You can read more about the awards in The Wall Street Journal and Wired Magazine.

Hasbro’s Video of Child Prodigy Artist

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – February 7, 2009 Here is an interesting viral video that’s had over 1 million hits due to it’s “amazing” nature. Funny thing is that people are still arguing if this is fake or real. I’ve got to hand it to Hasbro, they walked the fine line and startedContinue Reading

Go back in time with Google Earth 5.0

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – February 3, 2009 The latest version of Google Earth 5.0 has a few new interesting features. A user can see historical imagery of a place, tour the oceans and record their personal journey. It also features Mars togopography as well. I’ll be interested to see how this isContinue Reading

SocialWhoIs for Twitter and Friendfeed Users

by Dave Saunders I found a new tool for Twitter and/or Friendfeed users that’s pretty cool and useful. SocialWhoIs works as a registry of information, similar to the Whois database…you can look up users, check them and see if you really want to know them or follow them. Transparency. from the website: SocialWhois isContinue Reading

Twitter in Plain English

I love this series on CommonCraft. Everyday I get asked, “What is Twitter?”Take a few minutes and watch this.Maybe I’ll do my own version someday. Or just point them here>>>> Follow me on twitter:

Macintosh 1984

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – January 27, 2009 With Apple’s current 25th anniversary, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the commercial that introduced the Mac into the world. Enjoy.

The Shorty Awards, Baby!

“What a long strange trip it’s been.” –Grateful Dead I was nominated for a Shorty Award over a month ago…these are awards for producers of the best content on Twitter. (in case you don’t know what the Shorty Awards are click here ). I was honored to be recognized, but thought what’s a shorty?Continue Reading

Goodbye to friends, goodbye to a FREE Whopper.

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – January 17, 2009 Burger King has had such a strong response to their “Whopper Sacrifice” campaign,it was discontinued after 233,906 friendships were sacrificed. Details aren’t exactly clear, but the exposure for Burger King was immense. The idea was, a Facebook user downloads an application that allows you toContinue Reading

The Difference Between Men & Women, According to Heineken

The difference between men and women are hilariously explored in this Heineken ad, by the way it was downloaded over 1 Million times in it’s first week. Now the total web count suprasses 5 million, since it was seeded correctly….

Top 10 Users You’ll Meet on Twitter

Posted by Jeff Smack, Art Director The title of this post echoes Ryan Deal’s article recently posted on Mashable. It caught my eye because it is along similar lines as one Dave posted a little while back. The title is point blank. It doesn’t need much of an explanation but it caused me to ponderContinue Reading

ShamWow’s Vince Offer, Slash and Joey Buttafuoco

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – January 11, 2009 There is something very hypnotic about ShamWow’s Vince Offer. He is now introducing the “Slap Chop,” which makes chopping a variety of things effortless. “Stop having a boring tuna, stop having a boring life!” I ask myself, “now why don’t I have that-it looks great!”Continue Reading

Holiday Inn Select Koger Center Picks Madison+Main for New Website

Holiday Inn Select Koger South Conference Center is expanding its online capabilities with a new website that will serve as a resource for guests and a marketing tool for the hotel. Madison+Main will incorporate new features on the website, such as online booking for the hotel, while expanding online customer service resources for guests andContinue Reading

Circuit City – Starting the New Year with New Media

Circuit City just put out a YouTube video for their latest I Wear Red 4 U campaign. Check it out!

Pizza Hut goes Viral.

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – December 24, 2008 Per, Pizza Hut has worked with Mediocre Films to put together a viral video that features pizza being delivered to someone waiting in a pizza restaurant. This has a throw back to early Candid Camera shows. It’s been a popular video getting over 250,000Continue Reading

Giant GMail Art

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – December 18, 2008 Google hired videographer and artist, Saatchi Moscow to create a massive piece of Gmail art to engage the Russian people into using Gmail. The video ended up picking up various advertising awards throughout Russia.

Gen. X and the Non-Prof: Inconceivable Union is Upon Us

Guest Contributor: Joshua Taylor, Communications Director Yesterday I’m sitting at a stop light in my nice, but reasonable Mercedes E420, when this smoking hot S500 AMG crept to a halt right beside me. As I was admiring the smooth curves of that luscious automobile, I started thinking about who was behind the wheel. Was itContinue Reading

Top Ten Folks You Shouldn’t Follow on Twitter

I blame David Letterman for the creation of the top 10 list and the rest of us for the sheer volume of them…they’re literally everywhere, because “damn it, people need top ten lists.” And the rate at which these lists are popping up in social media is both alarming and amusing. New media marketing isContinue Reading

Madison+Main Teams Up with Children, Incorporated to Spread Message Online

Madison+Main and Children, Incorporated teamed up to put a fresh spin on child sponsorship with the release of the Wingman webisode, which shows that helping children-in-need is not just charitable, it’s a cool thing to do. This proactive approach by the non-profit organization recognizes the effectiveness of targeting younger consumers through social media sites likeContinue Reading Retains Madison+Main as Agency of Record, the leading internet load board for the trucking industry, announced today that it has chosen Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media, as its agency of record. Madison+Main will handle creative concepts, brand management, social media campaigns, 3-D and guerilla marketing, billboard designs, radio, text messaging campaigns and event marketing consultation regarding trade shows and sportsContinue Reading

New Media, Social Media and Your Small Business: Pay Attention or Pay Too Much

Have you really been paying attention?What are your customers paying attention to? The Newspaper or the newspaper’s website.How can people watch TV if they’re updating their Facebook account? Do they open up the yellow pages or just type it into Google? Recently social media sites like, and Ning reported giant year-over-year audience gainsContinue Reading

New Media Douchebags …or Social Media “Consultant”

Yes I have been called a douche bag. I have even been called a consultant. But unlike the guys described in this video, we actually WORK for a living. For what it’s worth, I found this to be a really funny spin on the CommonCraft “in Plain English” series. The point here is well-taken. I read MeatballContinue Reading

“You want ME to be the turkey?”-Robert De Niro

Here is a funny commercial that features Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal in preparation for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Interesting spin on promoting New York City tourism. Happy Thanksgiving!

Children, Incoporated Takes New Approach With YouTube Video

Children, Incorporated is putting a fresh spin on child sponsorship with the release of the Wingman,a webisode which shows that helping children in need is a cool thing to do. Children, Incorporated is using New Media marketing methods to target a younger audience and point out that sponsoring a child isn’t financially out of reachContinue Reading

Moms rule Twitter, so you need them on board BEFORE you launch a product

Let’s call it the rise of Mommy 2.0. The makers of Motrin may have riled a sleeping viral giant with it’s new ad campaign and Web 2.0 is abuzz. Blog after blog, and post after post, slamming a new Motrin video and the giant Pharma company MacNeil for the slight, involving Moms who wear their kidsContinue Reading

The Social Media War!

MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Second Life. Here is a hilarious cartoon that I found on about all of the social networking websites and their own unique personalities.

This is how you advertise ice cream…anywhere, in any language

Wacky Weekend Web Finds, aka The Monday Fun List

I made a note of a few completely fun/ridiculous places I found this weekend and, even more surprisingly, REMEMBERED to blog about them. The Monday Fun List….you weren’t doing anything important anyway. Odd Todd lets you enjoy hours of interactive fun making up excuses as to why you left your last job. Social networkingContinue Reading

Obama wins tonight. Don’t ask a pundit or a pollster why…just ask web 2.0

How about a big, giant “I told you so?” Obama wins. McCain loses. Obama went big into web and new media. McCain did not. Obama spent 4 million bucks on Google in the 1st quarter of 2008 alone…you can actually see the exact day he pulled away from Hillary Clinton. Obama’s camp worked the webContinue Reading

Viva Calaca – Day of the Dead Animation

This is a beautiful short animation by Art Director, Ritxi Ostariz.It’s very stylized and presented as a “featured presentation” on the website It’s nice to see a project of this sort given so much love. – Joshua

“You gotta be twitting me” …The definitive “Twitter List” for the next 6 minutes

Last week I blogged about a couple of cool Twitter sites that I found, and I got several phone calls and e-mails. It seems that lots of you liked Cursebird, the directory of people cursing on Twitter. Others were excited to learn that you can zap “non-followers” with Friend Or Follow.Over the past few months,Continue Reading

To Follow, or not to Follow. To Qwit or not to Qwit

To Follow, or not to Follow If you’re not on Twitter, you may as well just hit the small red X in the top right corner now and leave. This post has no meaning or value for you. Imagine getting the following e-mail: SharpStick is now following your updates on Twitter. Who the Sam HillContinue Reading

Are you scared of ghosts? Or optical illusions?

Halloween is right around the corner…we created this haunted optical illusion where the ghost of an elderly woman is “brought back from the dead!” Check it out! – Joshua

Twitter smells funny to local Richmond reporters at forum

Twitter is “the rage.” No bout a doubt it. Yet, corners of the marketing landscape still scratch their heads as to how to leverage it as a marketing tool or use it in any way that makes business sense.The new media crowd started drooling shortly after the micro-blog hit 1,000,000 users in March, 2008.The traditionalContinue Reading

The Social Brand Index

Now that people know what Twitter is, here is the Social Brand Index which is a comprehensive list of trusted brands within the micro-bloging community. The index features accounts in different categories such as Business to Government & Politics. My only concern is that the interface is a bit bland, a fresh logo and faceContinue Reading

Do you have a screen addiction?

Here is an interesting clay-mation spot from It is part of a campaign called, “Unplug your friends,” where they are trying to cure people’s screen addiction and have people actually get together in person to feel some love. – Joshua

The spiraling economy?

Here is Madison+Main’s latest viral video! Let us know what you think. If you’d like to see more of our videos, please visit

Depressed aliens need love too.

I came across this tv spot while checking out It is an incredibly brilliant, poignant and depressing ad for the Sci-Fi Channel. Perfect for a Friday, huh? Kids are soooooo mean. – Joshua

Art 180 Scores With Change for a Ten

This was one of the biggest community art projects in Richmond’s history, but also one of the smartest marketing campaigns ever conceived for a non-profit. In case you have been under a rock and haven’t heard, on October 10th, ART 180 celebrates its 10th anniversary. Their “Change for a Ten” project then jumps from smartContinue Reading

Ever want to create a virtual 3-D version of yourself? now lets you create a 3-D avatar of yourself (from a digital photo) to put into photos, videos. TV shows, video games to music videos. From various scenarios like: Sci-Fi, Gangsta Me, ATeam, Horror and Greatest American Hero, you have your choice of virtual adventure. With the rise of Second Life in the pastContinue Reading

An Old Blog, a New Website and Big Foot on LinkedIn

OldOne of my favorite blogs is, which bills itself as a “directory of wonderful things.” I’ve read it for a long time, even before it was a blog…I think its been around since 1995 or 1996, one of the true new media pioneers. I keep forgetting to check it out, so I recently addedContinue Reading

40+ Social News websites worth checking out.

I stumbled upon a comprehensive list of the best of the best social news websites out there right now. I was familiar with a few of them: Digg, Fark, Reddit etc., but there were a few that I didn’t realize were out there. Autospies: A social site devoted to the latest news, reviews and photographyContinue Reading

Update on

While I sat my fat butt on the couch, switching channels between the Jerry Lewis Telethon and the Republican Convention and the non-event in Louisiana that CNN was covering, I really felt I had a lot to rant about. Luckily for me and you, Richmonders can now rant in “micro.” Even though we wereContinue Reading

Make the world a better place through your vocabulary.

I came across a very unique website that helps world hunger through users playing online games – Free Rice asks you definitions of obscure words and for every answer you guess right, 20 grains of rice is donated through the UN World Food Program. There are also different categories IE Art, Chemistry, languages andContinue Reading

Common Mistakes Businesses Make in Social Media

There has been a wealth of advice published recently, by bloggers and traditional media, on how to avoid the pitfalls and pratfalls of engaging in social media. Most warn solely of the dangers. Danger! Since the web is such a spooky place for those over 50. After all, people get ripped off on eBay everydayContinue Reading Goes Live 9/01/08 at 9:01 am

I’m excited to announce Madison+Main’s official sponsorship of the newest and silliest social media experiment to ever hit Richmond, Virginia, This new blog, launching September 1st at 9:01 AM, will track all the things you can’t do in Richmond. Get it? Things like: “You can’t find ponies at Pony Pasture” and “You can’t makeContinue Reading

the transformation from audience to community

With almost 2 decades of experience in advertising, old habits can be hard to break. When talking with clients, I catch myself saying words like “audience.”The web, and in particular social media websites (facebook, myspace, gather, eons), is causing us to re-think (or re-state) the word “audience” as it relates to awareness forms of advertising.TakingContinue Reading F’s up Twitter

There’s probably a social media strategy somewhere laying in a drawer at Media General. They may have paid a hefty price for a consultant to dream it up, then they fired him/her because their ideas were too “out of the box,” and stuck the report in a drawer. Times got really tough and upper managementContinue Reading

interesting reads about social media…

Read #1:Great article yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, citing examples of several business that have banded together to extend their marketing reach through social media. We’ve been saying small business should leverage the power of social media since ’05.Check it here. Read #2My rants about (and unsolicited advice for) the Richmond Times-Dispatch always haveContinue Reading

If it’s good enough for Obama…

So how does a junior senator from Illinois beat down the presumptive nominee for president? How does he raise more money than the Clinton “machine”? How does he bring more people into the political process and shake up up the staus quo?Yes, he has charm and charisma and his message of “change” is timely andContinue Reading

Social Networking

The New Media MinuteA vlog, brought to you by:Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media Today’s Episode: Social Networking Dave explores the worlds of traditional and social networking. To help illustrate some of his points, Dave is joined by two Richmond celebrities: Donnie “Dirtwoman” Corker and Dr. Eugene Trani.

Big Fish, Small Pond

While snorkeling in the clear waters of Cozumel, Mexico for Cinco de Mayo, the Madison+Main crew caught this outrageous shark attack on film. We’re sharing it with you for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Have fun…and if you’re going to the beach, keep a weather eye on the waters! Check back next week for aContinue Reading

Like LI? You may love Naymz.

Here’s something new in the world of social networking. I know many of you are on LinkedIn, I’ve been talking about that for the last year or so. Today I found a new site that has some pretty cool features, It takes some of the cool features that you’ve found on LI, such asContinue Reading

You have found the cure to viral February!

How Belly Flops, “shoot ‘em games” and blogs boost Brand. So you watched the Employee Abuse video, played ATTACK OF SENSELESS ADVERTISING! and now you’re here at our blog. Why? Because of viral marketing, that’s why. What is viral marketing, you say? It’s brand awareness driven and spread by word-of-mouth: when a friend recommends aContinue Reading

Madison+Main “Goes Viral” for Flu Season

Madison+Main has gone viral this February. Yes, we’ll be spreading it to you and, yes, it is a good thing. For each dreary Monday in February, we’re launching a new example of viral new media. You may have already received your first dose with the “Employee Abuse” video that’s up on our MySpace, Facebook andContinue Reading

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