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Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – January 23rd, 2015

I’m “THAT GUY” Apparently 

Hey folks,

Last week, I MC’d the Chesterfield Chamber Annual Gala… and the reviews are still pouring in. Most of those in attendance laughed at my jokes, but I heard a couple of local politicians were not amused by my witty barbs. #sorrysenator On Friday, I was introduced as “that guy” who wore a dress at the Chamber Gala and made everyone laugh. I’m okay with being “that guy”. Maybe it’s part of my personal brand. I’m loud. I joke around a lot and I get a lot of attention. I’m 47 and perhaps I’ve finally come to terms with it.

I am not, however “that guy” who takes off his clothes and jumps in the James River for a good cause, but I am “that guy” that helps to promote these events. Keep Virginia Beautiful will hold “Shiver in the River” on Saturday, January 31st. Drop by Historic Tredegar Ironworks, and take the plunge.

It was a busy week at Madison+Main and “that guy” who sends you e-mails every Friday, has put together another e-literary masterpiece.

Monday, January 19th - On Monday, we were thrilled to have both of our off-site colleagues in town this week. Kara hopped over the mountain from Blacksburg to help us with several new clients and Molly (7 months pregnant) flew into work on year-end financials and met with lots of people this week who were good at math… consultants, accountants, bankers, etc.

Hal and Noah, our buds from Broadscope Media, were overloaded with cuteness on Monday when they hosted scores of 5 to 10 year old actresses auditioning for a part in our latest TV ad for Yard Works. We’ve whittled the field down to just a couple and will start filming next month, after we make a very tough decision.

Tuesday, January 20th - Kara and I had the opportunity to grab a quick lunch Tuesday, a rarity when she’s in town because we are usually working 12 hour days. I had heard that Perly’s had re-opened on Grace St and thought I should give them a chance. As far as Perly’s goes, a quote from Seinfeld character Frank Costanza, summed it up best, “I got a lot of problems with you people”. The old Perly’s menu was dull and “Americanized”. I’m happy to report the new Perly’s is one of my favorite spots, after only one visit. The décor is art deco chic, the menu rivals the best NY delis, and the servers are much friendlier than the old place. (The surly servers at the “Old Perly’s” made me feel like chopped liver.)

Wednesday, January 21st - On Wednesday we worked on some new creative concepts for clients Lucy Corr Village and Davis & Green Electrical. And our friend, Bob Fischer, dropped in to train the Main-iacs on recent memory techniques he learned while visiting the UK. Bob’s day job is Senior Vice President at Morgan Stanley, but he has extensive training in creative and memory techniques and occasionally shares his knowledge with us. Madison+Main conducts twice-monthly “Lunch & Learns” for the benefit of our team members and clients. If you know of someone who would make a good presenter on an interesting topic, e-mail Lindsey so we can set it up.

Wednesday afternoon I met with Dan and Dave, my consultants from Tax and Business Solutions LLC, and they gave me tremendous advice, which will save me tens of dollars this year on taxes. #JustKidding. Dan and Dave have given us great advice, time and time again.

On Wednesday evening, we held our January Media Mixer at Metro Grill and partners Richard Masters and Travis Bacile really rolled out the welcome mat. More than 60 friends, clients and members of the media scarfed down beef and crab cake sliders and highly addictive Honey Siracha wings.

Casey got a new nickname at the event. Please call her “Maverick” from now on. I’m “that guy” who made all the announcements without a microphone.

Thursday, January 22nd - On Thursday, Casey spent the day working with our clients at The Dragas Companies in Virginia Beach, while the rest of us held down the fort. She described their new property development Spence Crossing as “Amazing.”

At Insiders Club, my friend and architect, Jim Irby forgot his glasses and presentation, but managed to persevere. Jim shared his passion for home brewing… and even brought a bottle of his product. I haven’t tried his beer yet, but I can recommend his firm. Check out his portfolio at

At the MS Society board meeting on Thursday, we voted on a new name and doubled in size. Wow. The MS Society Chapter that I am a board member of has grown from “The Central Virginia Chapter” to “The Central and Eastern Virginia Chapter” and now with the addition of the Shenandoah, Blue Ridge region, parts of Kentucky and the entire state of West Virginia, the Chapter is now known as “The MS Society of Virginia and West Virginia.” Of course, Madison+Main will help the organization expand its event marketing from the current 9 events to more than 30 events. #WeveGotWorkToDo

Friday, January 23rd - Today I am “that guy” who spends most of his time on the phone, in the office and on my mobile. I got a call just as I was paying for my gas this morning and I’ve spent better part of the day making and receiving phone calls.

Monday will be very exciting as we have two new employees starting. I will introduce you to them next week.

This afternoon I met with my banker Eric Tusing from Village Bank. Although meeting with a banker doesn’t sound fun, Eric makes it all worthwhile and tolerates all my bad jokes. Village Bank is financing my plan for complete world domination. Have you heard? Village Bank has a boatload of money and they want to lend it to you. Call Eric at (804) 419-1463 or email him and he’ll put you in debt.

My beloved VCU Rams play tonight at 7 o’clock against the disappointing St. Louis Billikens who are struggling this year at 9-9. I will miss the first hour of the game, because the mighty Sharks of Alberta Smith will be getting in another late night practice before taking on the Woolridge Wildcats Saturday at noon. Perhaps I should call my cousin Bernie (the retired principal of Woolridge Elementary) and place a friendly wager. Is it legal to bet on 12 year old boys basketball? If not, please forget what I just wrote. If you want to see “that guy” who yells a lot when his kid is playing basketball, you should come see the game at Bailey Bridge Middle.

- Dave

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – October 3rd, 2014

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun Hey Folks, This week’s Weekly Report comes to you from beautiful downtown Doswell, site of the State Fair of Virginia. Today also marks the 9th Anniversary of Madison+Main. On October 3rd, 2005, my friend and Art Director Scott Clark and I moved our two computers into a closet at the Advantech Business Incubator.Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – September 12th, 2014

The End of Regulation   Hey Folks, When I watch a football game, the announcer warns about “the end of regulation” and viewers eagerly anticipate to find out who the winners and who the losers are. In business, “regulation” has a whole different meaning. Generally, regulation is designed to protect people from business, but somewhereContinue Reading

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While the cat’s away… Happy Friday! With Dave off having a jolly ol’ time in the UK, Molly zip-lining through rainforests in Costa Rica and Colleen sunbathing in the Hamptons, the writing of the July 18th Weekly Report report fell to the remaining Main-iacs. At first, there was some concern. “How will we ever top Dave’s hysterical jokes and cute family stories?!” said some, “I can’t even rememberContinue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report

Madison+Main Weekly Report for June 13th, 2014 Better Luck Next Time    Hey folks, It’s Friday the 13th and there will be a full moon tonight. I’m feeling as unlucky as the U.S. Soccer team, who drew global futbol powerhouses Ghana, Germany, and Portugal in Group G for the 2014 World Cup. Better luck nextContinue Reading

Post 06.5.14 – Madison+Main Tries Rock Bottom Brewery!

By Lindsey Durfee, Marketing Administrator First off, who doesn’t appreciate a good craft beer? All right, all right. I understand that there’s such a thing as “gluten free” people, like my favorite Graphic Designer on staff, who physically cannot enjoy a good beer. But otherwise, who can say no? I certainly can’t. When Brian Chandler, President of CommonwealthPR, approached Madison+Main with anContinue Reading

Post 06.5.14 – Virginia Women’s Center Takes Over Chesterfield Towne Center!

By Graphic Designer, Colleen Festa This spring has been a very exciting time, as we launched a new interactive, large-scale campaign for our client Virginia Women’s Center. This campaign actually began last year, when we began sharing tips on how to live healthy and improve your life. We designed interactive social media graphics and infographics that used bright and fun illustrations. The popularityContinue Reading

Post 06.4.14 – Madison+Main’s June Media Mixer at Casa Del Barco!

You’re Invited! Join the Madison+Main-iacs on Wednesday June 18th, 2014 from 5:30 – 8:30pm for our June Media Mixer at Casa del Barco! Appetizers Happy Hour Drink Specials Networking 320 South 12th Street Richmond, Virginia 23219 (Downtown, at the historic Canal Walk) To RSVP… email or sign up on our Facebook page, or tweet us @madisonmain or give us a call at (804)Continue Reading

Post 06.3.14 – Introducing Our Summer 2014 Interns!

Introducing our Summer 2014 Interns! Kaity “Sea Bass” Byrum, Graphic Design Intern I graduated from Longwood University in 2013 with a BFA in Graphic Design. After taking some time off post-graduation, I am hoping that my internship at Madison+Main will help me re-enter the world of graphic design by freshening up my skills and gaining some real world experience.Continue Reading

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Hey folks, With a Monday holiday, the week at Madison+Main was short and sweet; just like Sammy Yatco, our superstar Account Manager who was on vacation in OBX this week. And boy, did we miss her. This week’s email is going to be short and sweet as well, because there’s too much to do today and not enough hours. You’veContinue Reading

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Hey folks, I am dialing in this week’s Report from the beautiful Bath County, Virginia, and more specifically, holding my iPhone at a 45 degree angle towards a cell repeating station somewhere South/Southwest of Warm Spring, Virginia on top of a peak in the George Washington National Forest. Thank goodness I have Verizon. If IContinue Reading

Post 05.22.14 – 33rd Annual Vintage Virginia Wine & Food Festival

33rd Annual Vintage Virginia Wine & Food Festival May 31 – June 1, 2014 Next weekend, you’ll find the Madison+Main-iacs in Northern Virginia for the 33rd Annual Vintage Virginia Wine & Food Festival. The highly anticipated event, located at Bull Run Park Special Events Center in Centreville, is guaranteed to quench your thirst and fill yourContinue Reading

Post 05.16.14 – Madison+Main’s Weekly Report

Hey folks, “I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted to one time to see you laughing
I only wanted to see you
Laughing in the Purple Rain” It feels a lot like 1994. I was living in Los Angeles at the time, and everyone was talking aboutContinue Reading

Post 05.14.14 – So Long, Spring 2014 Interns!

By Sarah Dawes Murphy, Marketing Communications Executive Ah, May. The end of the academic semester. The time when Madison+Main-iacs try to squeeze work into every last second our out-going interns spend still roaming the first floor of 101 E. Cary. Cruel? Maybe. But we’re really just prepping for what I’ve come to call, “The Intern Void”—thatContinue Reading

Post 05.9.14 – Madison+Main’s Weekly Report

Hey folks, It was a busy week at Madison+Main as May rushed in. The Madison+Main-iacs and I have been attending events nonstop this month. On May 1st we sponsored the RVA Creativity Awards. On May 2nd we attended the Richmond Ad Show. And this week, I had an after-hours event every single night. That, combined with early morning meetingsContinue Reading

Post 05.6.14 – Oregon V.S. POM

It’s tough when people criticize your work product. Especially in this business, the ad business, where we put a lot of time and thought and creativity into projects, it is difficult to be subjected to criticisms. We expect our peers to be respectful and constructive. We let clients be more than honest with feedback. ButContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report for May 2nd, 2014

It’s Award Season! Hey folks, RVA Award Season is in full swing. It’s that time of year where generally mild-mannered business types forgo formalities of humility and strap on cocktail wear to self-congratulate one another. And why not, darn it? There are people out there who deserve a little recognition for things like hard work, creativity and givingContinue Reading

Fiesta de Bananas at Madison+Main: 5/5 at 5PM!

Join the Madison+Main-iacs on Monday, May 5th at 5:00PM for a special Cinco de Mayo event! Margaritas Nacho Bar Banana Inspired Drinks 101 E Cary St. Richmond, Virginia 23219 We look forward to seeing you on Monday!  - The Kids at Madison+Main

My Weekend in Orangeburg

By Graphic Designer Colleen Festa  Dave has a running joke at the agency…at least I think it’s a joke. When he asks me occasionally about my weekend, he’ll finish with “how was your trip to Orangeburg, South Carolina?” Apparently he got a speeding ticket there one time, and he never forgot it. After laughing offContinue Reading

April Fools’ Day at Madison+Main

Happy April Fools’ Day from the Madison+Main-iacs!    

A Review of the Legalities of Social Media

By Account Management Intern Brandon Singletary Last week, Dorsey McFadden, Sarah Murphy and I had the pleasure of attending the Richmond PRSA Luncheon at the Lakeside Country Club. Speaker Chris Fortier spoke about “Legalities of Social Media” and he sits on the Board of Governors for the Virginia State Bar Young Lawyers Conference as theContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By the Numbers… Hey folks, This week’s Madison+Main Weekly Report is coming to you 2 hours early so I can play hooky this afternoon and watch basketball. Besides, it’s really hard to type inside of a crowded BW3. Last weekend’s whirlwind tour of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn is now just a memory, and sadly the A10 #2 seed VCU lost a heartbreaker to #4 SJU in the Championship,Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Hey folks, Greetings from the Bergen Street Station on the New York Subway system. The F Train stands for “Famous,” because it is the only train that doesn’t stop at the Barclays Center. It was a busy week at Madison+Main, but the only thing that was on my mind this week was the A-10 Tournament and my beloved VCU Rams. MondayContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Hey folks, If I could sum up Generation Y in one word, or better yet in one hashtag, it would be #YOLO: You Only Live Once. I’m surrounded by twenty-somethings and their “take no prisoners” attitude suits me just fine. It was a #YOLO kind of week at Madison+Main: busy, productive, fun and edge-of-your-seat excitement. On Sunday night, IContinue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report

Hey folks, When I say things to myself like, “I’m glad February is almost over,” and “I waited almost two hours to get my oil changed,” I am ashamed of myself. When I get angry and walk around my house brooding for two hours because VCU lost a game they should have won to UMass, I take aContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Hey folks, It was a busy and productive week at Madison+Main, as I was able to see lots of clients face-to-face, which I think is better than following their exploits on Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, a 16-year-old told me this week that Facebook was “dead.” Although I don’t agree with this, a recent University College of London report statesContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Hey folks, “When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad.” - The Sound of Music Football, one of my favorite things, ended Sunday night with RVA favorite Seattle blowing out Denver in front of 150 million or so of my closest friends. EveryContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

With today being the last day of the month, I think the theme this week at Madison+Main was out with the old and in with the new. We said goodbye to some old friends and hello to some new ones. Before I get started on Monday’s report, several of you commented that you missed my sports reports.Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Yay, we did it! We survived the Great Blizzard of 2014 with minimal damage. And although my kids were excited that Chesterfield County Schools closed for the week, the kids at Madison+Main were hard at work, braving the elements and single-digit temperatures. Despite this, everyone I know had a great week, except Justin Bieber. Monday (1/20) - On Monday, we finally gave Lindsey Durfee aContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Life is like a game. Like any game, there are winners and losers. There are good days and bad days. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and occasionally you end up in a tie. Navy football coachEddie Erdelatz famously said in 1953, “A tie is like kissing your sister,” but I prefer Baseball Hall of Famer George Brett’s slightly less famous quote… “IfContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

It was back to the ol’ grind this week at Madison+Main after my family and I went on vacation to ring in the New Year. To quote Miley Cyrus, “I came in like a wrecking ball.” After two solid weeks of “family time” nothing could hold me back from work this week… Monday (1/6) - On our way back from SanContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

December rolls on, the holidays are in full swing and I’ve been wearing my Ron Burgundy jacket everywhere. No matter where I go, no matter which party I attend, random women come up and want to rub my fuzzy festive blazer. There is a reason for the season and a reason that I bought this sports coat.Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

The holiday season so far at Madison+Main has been more Go Go Go than Ho Ho Ho; we’ve been busier than a one-armed lumberjack. I find it amusing that so many things have to end by December 31st… and so many other things must begin on January 1st. Ahh, marketing. Monday (12/9) - On Monday, I conducted mostContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Hey folks, The “big @ss” Christmas tree went up this week at Madison+Main and the Times-Dispatch reminded me this morning that there are only 19 shopping days until Christmas. All of us at Madison+Main survived Black Friday, but our Holiday Open House almost killed us… The week at Madison+Main was fun and festive: Monday (12/2) - On Monday, Sammy and I had the pleasureContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

It was a stellar week at Madison+Main and I was fortunate enough to eat lunch outside of the office every day this week. When I started Madison+Main in 2005, a good friend and business mentor from California sent me a book called Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets To Success, One Relationship At A Time by Keith Ferrazzi. I pulledContinue Reading

4th Annual Chili Cook Off Overview

By Account Management Intern Marie Sicola  I walked into a room saturated with crock-pots, sour cream, cheddar cheese and corn bread. The warm aroma smelled of ground beef, peppers and a hit of Guinness. Nine pots sat before me and only excitement and intense stomach yearning occupied my mind. Which one should I try first?Continue Reading

Announcement: September Media Mixer!

Hey folks! Save the date! Next Wednesday, September 25th is  the Madison+Main Monthly Media Mixer       and… it’s on a BOAT! Join us for appetizers and happy hour drink specials! When: Wednesday, September 25th 5:00-8:00pm Where: Flatheads at Rocketts Landing 3125 Wharf Street Richmond, VA 23223 (map) RVSP: On our Facebook page or Email Lindsey Durfee

What #RVA restaurant would you take with you?

By Emily Farrar, Account Management Intern Richmond is fortunate to be home to many memorable restaurants. Luckily the Main-iacs are huge foodies, but what if they could only pick one restaurant? I recently asked the team, “if you had to move to an island, which Richmond restaurant would you bring with you?” Here were theirContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders This week’s edition of the Weekly Report is brought to you by the Madison+Main Fab Five: Account Manager Kelley Miller, Account Executive Sammy Yatco, Senior Account Manager Katie Hurst, VP of Brand Strategy Kara Forbis and Account Executive Sarah Dawes. Dave isn’t writing the report this week because he is spending the weekend with his son downContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders New places, new spaces and new faces. It has been a busy week at Madison+Main, we welcomed a new Account Manager, visited some new places in Bath County and hosted 90 of our closest personal friends at our new space. By the way, this week’s edition of the WeeklyContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

This past weekend I celebrated one of the most amazing Independence Days in our nation’s 237 year history. The weekend was full of family, apple pie and fireworks, which we purchased legally in South Carolina at South of the Border and then vicariously smuggled into Midlothian, where “bombs burst in the air.” My wife Sue, a LEGALContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders According to the weatherman, Wednesday was the hottest day of the year so far, which is entirely appropriate considering things have been heating up at M+M! We received an unexpected SEVENTH Telly Award, launched two new TV spots and, yes, we bought a building. It was a good week.Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders I was reminded by a friend of mine recently that in the future, I’ll look fondly back on swim meets that last eight hours. He said “you’ll miss those days sooner than you think.” Thanks to my good buddy and LeClairRyan super lawyer Will Shewmake for giving me a different perspectiveContinue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Chief  Idea Officer Dave Saunders It’s another exciting edition of the Madison+Main Weekly Report. Today marks a very special day on the calendar, my 16th wedding anniversary, which I will celebrate in style with my wife Sue this weekend. Shh, it’s a secret, don’t tell her we’re headed to the Vintage Virginia Wine and Food Festival in Centreville.Continue Reading

M+M Weekly Report

Dave is out for a long Memorial Day Weekend so this week’s Weekly Report is a team effort. Monday 5/20 - By Senior Account Manager Katie Hurst. Monday started off the same way that most Mondy’s start off… with the big MMMMM. For those of you who don’t already know, that’s the Madison+Main Monday Morning Meeting and this week wasContinue Reading

Weekly Report from Madison+Main

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders I use the Madison+Main Weekly Report as a way to tell you what we did this past week, but I figured I’d start off by telling you something we didn’t do last week. Unlike many other businesses, we opted not to travel to Denver with the Greater Richmond ChamberContinue Reading

Dog Diggity Dog!

By Lindsey Durfee, Marketing Administrator  Last year, VCU’s Center for Human-Animal Interaction (CHAI) did a study on the value of having dogs in the workplace called “Benefits of Taking Fido to Work May Not Be Far Fetched.”And we couldn’t agree more with their findings! 1. Lower stress levels 2. Higher levels of job satisfaction 3.Continue Reading

Weekly Report from Madison+Main

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders Greetings from the beautiful Kingsmill Resort and Spa, along the beautiful James River, in beautiful Williamsburg, Virginia. It’s so beautiful here, I may just puke. I am just now wrapping up a couple of days of inspiring speakers and tremendous networking opportunities at the Virginia Council of CEOs retreatContinue Reading

Weekly Report from Madison+Main

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders It was a challenging week for everyone, but we got through it. When I opened up my Richmond Times-Dispatch it seemed like there was bad news every day. Blasts in both Boston and Texas filled the airwaves, terrorist manhunts flowed for 24 hours a day on CNN and mostContinue Reading

Weekly Report from Madison+Main

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders After 10 days of cruising around the Caribbean, I found myself back in the lovely sub-tropical Richmond, Virginia this week. Watch out world, I’m tan…rested…and ready. Tuesday 4/9 - My workweek started on Tuesday morning with a three hour email Inbox cleanup. I am absolutely amazed at how many emailsContinue Reading

Weekly Report from Madison+Main

By Graphic Designer Colleen Festa It’s me, Colleen Festa, Graphic Designer at Madison+Main, pinch-hitting for Dave on this week’s Madison+Main’s weekly report. He asked me to pass along info to you all this week while he is on Spring Break with his family. Dave’s writing style is quirky and funny, but as you see myContinue Reading

Madison+Main Got Fooled…

By Lindsey Durfee, Marketing Administrator Yesterday, all of the Madison+Main-iacs woke up to clear skies, warm weather and a lot of interesting chatter in the break room. Did you hear? Gmail is going blue? YouTube is going out of business? And Google apps found a way to send scented messages? Then we all looked atContinue Reading

Weekly Report from Madison+Main

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders This week’s Madison+Main Weekly Report edition comes to you from sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and more specifically the WiFi bar on board the M/S Zuiderdam, the pride of the Holland America fleet. It’s Spring Break time and I’m cruising with the fam. So don’t worry, the Madison+Main-iacs are allContinue Reading

Weekly Report from Madison+Main

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders I have a lot of friends who run in the Monument Avenue 10K, various marathons and compete in triathlons, but I don’t run unless someone is chasing me. Tomorrow I’ll be walking with the Madison+Main team at Walk MS Richmond. Our team has raised $1,000 so far but I’mContinue Reading

Walk MS Richmond is this Saturday!

By Account Executive Sarah Dawes The Central Virginia Chapter of the National MS Society is hosting the annual Walk MS: Richmond fundraising event this Saturday, March 23rd from 9am to 1pm at 4200 Innslake Drive Glen Allen, Virginia. Participants can choose to walk either a one or three mile route and finish with a celebrationContinue Reading

The Best of RVA: Sandy Made Us Want a Sammy

By Jon Glomb, Account Services Coordinator Intern On Monday, the Main-iacs and I braved Sandy’s wrath and reported for duty as usual. Quickly realizing that this storm was like nothing we had ever seen, we rushed to the shelter of the storage room as the fierce 7 mph winds threatened the structural integrity of our building.Continue Reading

The Best of RVA: Cheap Eats

  By Jon Glomb, Account Services Coordinator Intern Hey there Madison+Main blog readers. Today marks the beginning of a 15 week series that will run every Friday. One that offers foodies, entertainment and good time seekers some direction while wading through the cacophony of leisure blogs. Brought to you by folks that work, play andContinue Reading

Do the Shockoe Shuffle!

By Richard Crittenden, Account Services Coordinator   In the past, you have been asked to walk for the MS Society. You have been asked to bike. Now, you are being asked to help us complete the final leg of the ultimate triathlon of support. If you’re thinking a nice swim across the James, you areContinue Reading

Actual Lines from the Virginia DMV Driving School Online Course

Ok, ok. I was somewhat reluctant to write this blog, because (a) I’d have to admit I had to go to driving school to get out of a ticket  and (b) my Dad reads this blog and I knew I’d get an earful. (He’s a retired officer…) So Virginia’s court system has finally joined the digitalContinue Reading

Madison+Main Supports the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Mario Style

Madison + Main’s own account manager, Katie Hurst, is organizing a fundraiser this Friday night for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at Baja Bean Co. on Main Street. The night will kick off with a Mario Kart tournament at 6:00, courtesy of Play N Trade Carytown. (That’s Nintendo 64, not Wii. So old school gamers don’tContinue Reading

Facebook Timeline is Coming! Don’t Panic.

Beginning March 30th, Facebook is making its new Timeline mandatory for all users and pages. Yikes.

Judging from the reaction around the social media world, “change” is not something everyone likes. However, businesses should not be fear the changes but embrace them. These new FB formats will help them more easily market and manage your brand message. Here are some tips from the team at Madison+Main, so your company is well prepared.Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s 2nd Chili Cook Off – “The War At The Work”

At Madison+Main, we like to mix in a little fun at work. On Thursday, October 27th, we held our 2nd annual employee Chili Cook Off and invited some our clients and agency partners to come by and judge our best efforts. Competition was fierce, as the main-iacs worked hard to take home the big prize.Continue Reading

Madison+Main Creates YouTube Video for MS Society

As many of you know, Madison+Main is committed to working towards a world free of Multiple Sclerosis. And as a big supporter of the Central Virginia Chapter of the MS Society, we have volunteered our time and services to help promote their fundraising events. This past spring, several of the Madison+Mainiacs took part in theContinue Reading

Join the Madison+Main-iacs at the 10th Annual Comfort Zone Camp Fall Bash

Join us at the Innsbrook Snag-A-Job Pavilion on October 15th from 4:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. for Comfort Zone Camp’s 10th Annual Fall Bash. Comfort Zone Camp hosts the Fall Bash each year to support children who have lost a parent, sibling or primary caregiver. Their mission is to provide these children with a loving,Continue Reading

Twitter Spreads Faster than Earthquake

Twitter produces thousands of tweets per second, but did you know that this real-time, social media platform can actually spread news faster than the speed of seismic waves? That’s exactly what happened on Tuesday, August 23, 2011. Around 1:50pm, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that originated in Mineral, VA shook the ground, causing glass to rattle,Continue Reading

Gear Up For “The One Last Race to Make the Chase” at Richmond International Raceway

In the crazy world of sports, scheduling is everything. Luckily for Richmonders and NASCAR fans alike, Richmond International Raceway is hosting the last stop on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series circuit on September 10th, before The Chase for the Cup begins the following weekend. Hometown hero Denny Hamlin is going into America’s Premiere Short TrackContinue Reading

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Firm

Thinking about hiring an ad agency or marketing firm? Interested in boosting sales? Or are you simply looking for an innovative way to build your brand? If so, check out Madison+Main’s Chief Idea Officer, Dave Saunders, talking about the top ten reasons why your company should hire a marketing firm.

Spotify, and how social media shapes music

Amidst much fanfare, Spotify launched its services in the United States on Thursday July 14th, offering a massive library of streaming music and, some might say, yet another nail in the coffin for record store employees with lush knowledge of obscure music. Though Spotify offers little more than Grooveshark – a similar music platform whichContinue Reading

Google+: A Party for Plus Ones

Google+ is the biggest party of the year and everyone’s going. If you haven’t received an invitation to join Google’s newly launched social networking site, then ask us for one because this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. For the Facebook loyalists and those who are still unsure about Google+, we’d like youContinue Reading

Discover New Ways to Market Your Business at the 2011 Retail Marketing Expo

The 2011 Retail Marketing Expo is quickly approaching and we couldn’t be more thrilled to promote this exciting event. Madison+Main developed a concept and wrote scripts for both TV and radio commercials announcing the event. We also collaborated with the Retail Marketing Association and BES Television in producing the commercials which will air throughout theContinue Reading

3D Printing: Star Treknology lives!

Science Fiction or Science Prediction? Many posit that Star Trek played a seminal role in giving us the flip phone and numerous other modern tech developments. It appears that another example of Star Trek-nology may be coming to fruition. While 3D printers do not replicate objects on the molecular level they do create impressively congruentContinue Reading

When TV Brands Become a Reality

It’s not often that a product or service can have a large, loyal following before it even exists. However, that’s just the case with the newly launched Jabot Cosmetics line. Jabot was previously a fictional product featured on the Emmy Award winning daytime soap, The Young and the Restless. In fact, the product has beenContinue Reading

Dot Coms Are So Last Decade

Dot coms are a thing of the past, at least according to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). The international authority over top-level domain names (TLDs) has approved a resolution to expand the list of generic TLDs which will allow companies and organizations to create domains for their brands. What exactly does thisContinue Reading

Rimulate Your Ride

Madison+Main launched our first iphone app a few months back for our friends at We’ve been having some fun with it so we have to share.

The premise is simple. Flip through the library of available rims by style. There are options for a variety of vehicles: Street, Off Road, Tuners, Donks, Hot Rods etc. Once you’ve picked your rim du jour you use your camera to shoot your car. Then you fit the rims and just like that you’re trying out some new looks. Once you’ve shot a pic you can save it to your phone, email it to a friend or post it to Facebook or Twitter all within the app.Continue Reading

Tom Winfree of Village Bank is 2011 Bernard L. Savage Award Winner

President and CEO of Village Bank Tom Winfree is a man about town. As a member of more than a dozen civic organizations, including the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce and the Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce, Tom has made many significant contributions around the Richmond community. To reward his relentless dedication, the Chesterfield BusinessContinue Reading

The Social Etiquette of Social Media

In a sense, social media is one big cocktail party… with 1 billion guests. And like an actual cocktail party, many of the same etiquette rules apply. You wouldn’t attend a social event in order to shamelessly self-promote and you certainly wouldn’t ignore everyone else in the room, so why do so on social mediaContinue Reading

Madison+Main is caught up in March Madness

The 2011 CAA Men’s Basketball Championship will certainly be one to remember. Not only did Madison+Main’s marketing efforts help the CAA set attendance records over the course of the four-day championship, but for the first time ever, three CAA schools made the cut for this year’s March Madness. ODU won the Championship, cutting down theContinue Reading

Make Nonsense at Work work for you. We did.

“Nonsense at Work” sounds more like an oxymoron than a legitimate business building strategy. But according to blogger and Executive Business Coach James McIntosh, it could be just what your business needs. McIntosh claims that, “Working hard gets you two things – more work and tired. What does lazy get you? New ways of doingContinue Reading

Madison+Main Wins “Excellence in New Communications Award” from SNCR (Society for New Communications Research)

The 2010 SNCR Excellence in New Communications Awards were announced Friday, November 5th at the Stanford Park Hotel in Menlo Park California, and Madison + Main’s 2010 integrated marketing campaign for was selected as a winner in the Use of Multiple Platforms/Integrated Initiatives category. These prestigious awards honor the work of individuals, corporations, nonprofitContinue Reading

Richmond Firms Set to Donate Over $100,000 In Services To One Local Non-Profit.

Madison + Main, V4 Web, Knowledge Advisory Group, Thinkhaus, ByteJam, and Wythken Printing to submit “Reverse RFP” to Richmond-area charitable groups. RICHMOND, Va. – One lucky nonprofit in the local Richmond, Virginia area will receive more than $100,000 in marketing and PR services in 2011, thanks to a generous gift by creative marketing firm Madison+MainContinue Reading

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