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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.” – Albert Einstein

So you’ve been running the same promotion on the same thing in the same way that you did 10 years ago… and you wonder why it doesn’t work anymore. That’s the very definition of INSANITY.

For many business owners, the process of marketing has become so convoluted and complex that it can drive you crazy. Madison+Main launched our INSANITY campaign, because we understand that owners of small and medium-sized business need to #SeekProfessionalHelp.

Since 2005, we’ve helped dozens of really great companies create better brands and better marketing campaigns that produce better results. The world is a very different place than it was 11 years ago, but if your company is still doing the “same old, same old” perhaps it’s time to call the marketing pros at Madison+Main.

From branding to marketing to digital to communications, Madison+Main can help your company get to the next level.

So why not give us a shout?

The advice is free, and so is the call. 1-877-623-6246

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Not Dave Saunders | 8.5.16

Madison+Main Weekly Report for August 5th, 2016 Write it like you stole it Hey folks, Kent Brockwell here, Madison+Main’s new communications manager. Remember when you were in your teens and your parents would leave you home alone over the weekend? Well, Dave is on vacation this week visiting his in-laws on the beautiful Isle of… Continue Reading

Now Accepting Fall 2016 Internship Applications!

Madison+Main is a branding, marketing and PR Agency in Richmond, Virginia that gets results for emerging companies and challenger brands. There’s a lot to get involved with during your internship at Madison+Main and we’ll provide you with a great opportunity to gain real world experience with real responsibility. What will you be doing? Account Management… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – June 24th, 2016

  Finding Your Niche Hey folks, The word “niche” has always looked funny to me and I don’t think most people know what the word really means. I often hear people pronounce it “neesh” as opposed to “nitch.” Regardless (and I don’t mean “irregardless” because that’s not a word), business people bandy the word about… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – June 17th, 2016

“Ask Your Doctor…” Hey folks, I remember a time in the late 90s when Big Pharma started advertising on TV. Prior to this, drug manufacturers didn’t do direct-to-consumer advertising, relying mostly on pens, pads and promo items delivered directly to doctors’ offices. There were also stories about doctors getting kickbacks for prescribing certain brand drugs to patients.… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – June 10th, 2016

Madison+Main Weekly Report for June 10th, 2016 Mowing the Grass Hey folks, Last year, I spent more than 20 Saturdays aerating, mowing, trimming, edging, and pampering my lawn. Having no expertise in horticulture and substandard tools (a 10-year-old push mower), I was very unimpressed with the results. My grass looked like crap. Despite spending countless hours… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – February 19th, 2016

Let Me Take a Selfie Hey Folks, My dad was an early adopter. When I was a kid he had a cell phone. Of course this was the 1980s and the thing weighed 23 pounds. It was big, bulky and didn’t do anything except make phone calls. Today’s cell phones do lots of things. The… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – February 2nd, 2016

The Little Things   Hey Folks, Regular readers of the Weekly Report will know that I often stress the importance of “The Big Idea” and talk about how thinking “Big” can lead to success. You know I believe that #BoldBrandsWin, but this week, I was reminded that Hall of Fame basketball coach John Wooden was… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – February 5, 2016

February.   Hey Folks, I’ve always hated February. It’s cold. It’s wet. Everyone’s in a bad mood. February is that short period of time on the calendar that everybody just wants to be rid of, kind of like relatives that overstay their welcome…in winter. And this year it’s even worse. It’s a leap year. As… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – January 29, 2016

Comfortable Shoes   Hey Folks, It was one of those weeks, where comfortable shoes seemed to be the norm. From Monday to Friday, we tried to forego the dress code and opt for comfort. Snow days make us uncomfortable, whether it’s driving in the city or shoveling a driveway, and we seek comfort in everything;… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – January 22, 2016

The Blizzard of 2016   Hey Folks, I am writing this week’s email missive from the comfort of my kitchen table, where I am working today. The Madison+Main-iacs get a snow day, but we’re still working hard, including conference calls starting at 8:30 am. Instead of a full report, I’m going to hit a couple of… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – January 15, 2016

GenY is now GenDIY   Hey Folks, I’ve known for some time that the DIY trend is big among Generation Y, especially since HGTV and the DIY Network have been reporting big numbers among 20-somethings. The advent of Pinterest as a major player in the social media space is more evidence and you can’t get… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – January 8, 2016

Priorities   Hey Folks, After 25 years in this business I don’t often have breakthroughs, but I did this week. It’s rare to have a big, honking change in viewpoint or a new way of looking at things. In 2013 I realized I had been shaving the wrong way for 30 years and started rinsing… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – December 18, 2015

The 6 Minute Rule   Hey Folks, We have a lot of quirky rules here at Madison+Main. Large companies have policies and procedures, but we have guidelines and funny stories. For example, the “Mis-Steak Rule” simply means that if we misspell a word and it escapes our diligent copyediting process, then the team has to… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – December 11, 2015

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year   Hey Folks, There’s nothing like the holidays to bring out the worst in people. The craziness that surrounds Black Friday seems to kick off a 5 week period of madness and bad behavior. Perhaps we as a society misbehave every day, but it seems to be… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – December 4, 2015

Happy Holiday… Movies   Hey Folks, Dave is out today, but the Madison+Main-iacs stepped in to deliver your Weekly Report. Some people, likePeter Larsen of Cobb Technologies, rely on this email too much for us to skip a week. We hope that you all had a wonderful, festive and indulging Thanksgiving last week. Are you… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – November 20, 2015

The Kids Table   Hey Folks, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week, and I also hope you get to spend some time at “the kids table.” I’m like Peter Pan, I never wanted to grow up. I miss sitting at the kids table on Thanksgiving. Think about it… no one argues at… Continue Reading

The Obituary Ad

I write ads for a living, but the toughest one I ever wrote was this week, an obituary for my father who passed away Tuesday in Summerville, SC. For those of you who don’t subscribe to the Post & Courier or the Lynchburg News & Advance. Guy Wayne Saunders, of Summerville, SC and a longtime… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report- November 13, 2015

Celebrating Milestones Hey Folks, Celebrating milestones is a little bit different than celebrating an achievement. For example, I’ve heard my kids talk about dating someone for 3 weeks, which is a milestone but my Mom & Dad being married for 49 years is an achievement. Milestones simply mark the passage of time whereas an achievement… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report- November 6, 2015

Art is Subjective Hey Folks, Greetings from beautiful downtown Urbanna, Virginia, home of the 58th Oyster Festival where the sleepy town mushrooms into more than 100,000 people who cram the streets of this working waterman’s village, consuming ungodly amounts of alcohol and the Chesapeake’s bounty. In the shops on Main Street several artists feature their… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, October 30

Getting Old is Scary Hey Folks, Tomorrow I turn 48. Yes, I’m a Halloween baby and yes, I’ve just realized that getting old is kind of scary. It seems the older I get, the more frightened I become. Even daily chores that used to be routine and mundane now fill me with anxiety. For example, getting my blood… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, October 23

11 Hour Day Hey Folks, In the brand and marketing business, our “Christmas season” is in October. It’s the busiest time of the year and sometimes we have to put in an 11 hour day. At Madison+Main we pride ourselves on maintaining a positive work/life balance, but this month long days are the rule, not… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report- Friday, October 16

A Slow News Day Hey Folks, While many of you were distracted by non-news this week, we were busy… even on a slow news day. To me, it’s funny how we have more access to information than ever and fewer people that access the important information. Our social media feeds are full of salacious details… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, October 9

The Next 10 Years Hey Folks, It’s hard to believe it has been ten years already. Madison+Main celebrated it’s 10th anniversary Wednesday night. We had cake. We had booze. We had a good time. And although I’ve been thinking a lot about the last 10 years lately, this week I turned my attention towards the… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, October 2

Stylin’ & Profilin’ Hey Folks, With rain every day since our last Weekly Report, I have looked for some motivation and some comic relief this week. Special thanks to my friend JJ White for providing both. JJ frequently posts quotes, pictures and videos of his boyhood idol, Ric Flair, on Facebook, and that’s exactly what… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, September 25

Bicycle Races Hey Folks, With the “big” bicycle races winding down, I hope that Richmond will get back to normal next week. And by normal, I mean occupied with actual people, actually working and actually dining out at local establishments. This week in the heart of downtown, Richmond looked like a ghost town. The 500,000… Continue Reading

Graphic Design Internship – Fall 2015

Graphic Design Internship  Madison+Main is an integrated communications agency that provides creative marketing solutions for emerging companies. Interested in being part of the creative side of advertising? As a Graphic Design Intern at Madison+Main you will get an immersive internship experience into the real world of advertising, marketing and branding. What will you be doing?… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, May 8th

Hot Water Hey folks, Last weekend I stood huddled over a camp stove thinking “a watch pot never boils.” It was 40 degrees in the Allegheny Highlands, and I desperately needed hot water for coffee. A gas stove. Shaking hands. A ceramic pot. 25 minutes later… voila! My so-called “Instant Coffee” took almost half an hour… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, May 1st

“It’s Gonna Be May” Hey folks, Today is May Day. In some cultures it’s a Spring holiday, complete with singing, dancing and cakes. In the former Soviet Union it was known as International Workers Day and used as an excuse to parade Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles through Red Square. For others, May Day is simply a distress signal. But at Madison+Main, most… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, April 24th

“TAKING OVER” Hey folks, For the first time in 2015, the Madison+Main-iacs have managed to take over the Weekly Report. And by “take over” we mean, Dave asked me, Derek Fair, to write it and I politely agreed. As our fearless leader is out of the office, attending the Virginia Council of CEOs Annual Retreat in Williamsburg, we’re attempting to learn the new… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, April 17th

“It’s Nice To Be Recognized” Hey folks, When I was younger I heard the phrase “It’s just nice to be recognized” used as a consolation when people didn’t win the big award they were seeking. The winners always say things like, “I’m humbled by this award.” And the losers say, “It was nice just to be here.”… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, April 3rd

The Day After Hey folks, The pessimist in me will always remember today as “The Day After Coach Smart left VCU.” The optimist in me will probably remember today as “The Day After I left for vacation.” The realist will barely remember this, because Friday is simply “The Day After Thursday. When I get bad news,… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, March 27th

IT TAKES A VILLAGE Hey folks, This week’s Weekly Report is coming to you live from the Chesterfield Country Airport, where an entire village of people are gathered to shoot Village Bank’s latest TV ad, so I am having to phone in this week’s e-mail. Unlike the author of ‘It Takes A Village’ – Hillary Clinton – I keep all of… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, March 20th 2015

4.9% Hey folks, “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.” – Mark Twain. It’s one of my favorite quotes and numbers have always fascinated me. 4.9% could be a great thing. 4.9% could be a terrible thing. It depends on how you look at it. Getting a loan from the bank at 4.9% is awesome. Having… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, March 6th 2015

AWARENESS Hey folks, This week I tried to remind people that “awareness drives response”. Things may come and go in the marketing biz. Technologies may disrupt business. But through it all, one adage remains…Awareness Drives Response. I made a video about it here. But it becomes harder and harder each year to make people aware of… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – February 27th, 2014

FROZEN Hey folks, Maybe it’s February. Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s because my beloved VCU Rams lost in double OT the other night. But whatever it is, I was feeling a little “crusty” this week. Walking out of the Robins Center at University of Richmond Wednesday night, I saw a little boy singing the Frozen hit “Do you want to build… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – Friday, February 6th 2015

“THIS IS A SIGN WE SHOULD WORK TOGETHER”   Hey folks, Madison+Main got a lot of attention this week. I was on the local news Monday talking about the “best and worst” Super Bowl ads. Monday’s Richmond Times-Dispatch had an article in it where we announced three new clients (Madison+Main Hits a Triple) and we announced two new hires; Cassie and Madalyn. Our friends… Continue Reading

Introducing our Spring 2015 Interns!

  Robbie “Lunchbox” Evans @RobertM1chael My role at Madison+Main is the Account Management Intern, and I am a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Strategic Advertising and minoring in Business. I am excited to learn everything I can about the ins and outs of an advertising agency while interning at Madison+Main. I aspire a… Continue Reading

February Media Mixer at Tobacco Company!

Join the Madison+Main-iacs on Wednesday February 18th, 2015 from 5:30 – 8:00pm for our February Media Mixer at The Tobacco Company! Join us for appetizers, happy hour drink specials and networking with the Main-iacs and our clients, vendors, partners and friends! 1201 East Cary Street Richmond, Virginia 23219 (Located downtown in Shockoe Slip) To RSVP, email or sign up on our Facebook page or tweet us @madisonmain… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – January 23rd, 2015

I’m “THAT GUY” Apparently  Hey folks, Last week, I MC’d the Chesterfield Chamber Annual Gala… and the reviews are still pouring in. Most of those in attendance laughed at my jokes, but I heard a couple of local politicians were not amused by my witty barbs. #sorrysenator On Friday, I was introduced as “that guy” who… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report: 12/19/14

Merry Christmas  Hey folks, It was a busy week at Madison+Main, but I didn’t have time to write a full report this week as I have been knocked out with the flu for the last 48 hours. But, I mustered enough energy to stop by the office today to collect a few things before the Holiday.… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report: 12/12/14

It’s a Marathon, not a sprint.  Hey folks, As we sat down to enjoy the Christmas feast last year, my buddy Glen Plomchok said “Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” I laughed because we staring at a ridiculous buffet table, complete with 7 bone Rib Roast, Ham, Turkey and all the fixins. The phrase stuck with me and I’ve… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report: 12/05/14

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”  Hey Folks, According to Lite98, Easy 100.9 and Sirius XM’s Joy Channel 17, “it’s the hap-happiest season of all, with those holiday greetings and gay happy meetings when friends come to call…” The holiday party season is upon us and that reminds me, our holiday party is next Thursday and the theme is… Continue Reading

Looking for Kick@ss Word Slinger & Media-ite

Marketing Communications Executive Position Summary: Marketing Communications Executive develops, implements and manages all PR and media relations efforts for the agency and it’s clients.  Additionally, this position writes long form copy for the agency and it’s clients and manages company digital content through external communications, blogs and social networking platforms. Responsibilities: ·      Writes Press Releases and other… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report: 10/24/14

Life Doesn’t Have a Pause Button Hey Folks, Maybe it’s because I have another birthday approaching, but several things gave me pause this past week. It’s a busy time of year between networking events, client meetings, football practice four nights a week and weekly ceremonies at the high school for my daughter (honors society, beta… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Four Crucial Rules For Creating a Winning Brand

Be Focused – Successful brands are focused; they know their purpose and their brands reflect that.  Think about Nike – They want to promote fitness and sell their products; thus, their tagline and advertising promotes that idea.  Don’t be afraid to evolve your brand over the years, either.  As your brand’s goals changes, think about… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – October 3rd, 2014

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun Hey Folks, This week’s Weekly Report comes to you from beautiful downtown Doswell, site of the State Fair of Virginia. Today also marks the 9th Anniversary of Madison+Main. On October 3rd, 2005, my friend and Art Director Scott Clark and I moved our two computers into a closet at the Advantech Business Incubator.… Continue Reading

Introducing Our Fall 2014 Interns: Christine & Natasha

Christine Jean-Louis, Account Management Intern I am a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University, studying advertising. I found myself in Richmond, Virginia all the way from Brooklyn, New York in search of something different… and I found it! Originally, I planned to enter VCU’s School of Arts and study Interior Design, but my passion for all… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – September 19th, 2014

1st and Cary… Carrie… Karri… Kerri…   Hey Folks, It was a busy week at the corner of 1st and Cary, and I was able to talk to my three of my favorite people. Madison+Main is hosting our 5th Annual Chili Cook Off on Wednesday, October 15thand our celebrity judges this year are: CBS6 Meteorologist Carrie Rose, Editor Karri Peifer, and… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – September 12th, 2014

The End of Regulation   Hey Folks, When I watch a football game, the announcer warns about “the end of regulation” and viewers eagerly anticipate to find out who the winners and who the losers are. In business, “regulation” has a whole different meaning. Generally, regulation is designed to protect people from business, but somewhere… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – September 5th, 2014

Stuck in the Middle With You Hi everyone, It was a short week at Madison+Main and I appreciate the guys and gals at work who took over last week’s report. My friend Harry Garmon, President of Top of Mind Communications, wrote me to say, “I like this week’s report better than yours,” which is a true testament to the team’s… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – August 29th, 2014

Madison+Main-iac Mashup   Hi everyone, The Main-iacs have taken over Dave’s Weekly Report again, thanks to the overwhelming response we got after our email last month. But really — our fearless leader is off enjoying the long weekend with his son, Jack, in Ocracoke, so we’re holding down the fort at 101 E. Cary. When it came to writing the Weekly… Continue Reading

Kaity’s Internship Review

By Graphic Design Intern Kaity Byrum  Interning at Madison+Main has been such a great opportunity. I have learned so much about designing at a marketing agency, and I’ve also had a kick ass time. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from Geoff, Colleen and all of the other Main-iacs. Everyone has made me… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s August Media Mixer!

Join the Madison+Main-iacs on Wednesday, August 20th for our August Media Mixer at Morton’s! We’ll be there from 6:00 – 8:30PM! This will be a special event, where Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders will slip behind the bar as their Celebrity Bartender! All of Dave’s tips will be donated to the National MS Society’s Central… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – August 8th, 2014

FOOTBALL!!! Hey folks, It was a fun, yet exhausting week at Madison+Main, as we celebrated the return of football. The Redskins invited Brady’s Boys aka the New England Patriots to RVA, but more importantly, the Alberta Smith Sharks began preseason conditioning. All of this meant, I spent a lot of time on the gridiron this week. This also means I was smiling a… Continue Reading

Introducing: Jessica Black!

By Account Executive Jessica Black My new role at Madison+Main is that of an Account Executive. Before coming to Madison+Main, I worked as a Marketing Assistant for Simon Property Group. Between that job and my start here I attended VCU for my Bachelor’s in Mass Communications, focusing on Creative Advertising. I then attended the VCU… Continue Reading

Introducing: Casey Severinghaus!

By Account Executive Casey Severinghaus Making the decision to transition from working at home to working in an office wasn’t an easy choice for me. Leaving my company after 11 years to explore something totally new and exciting? Definitely scary! But, I knew I wanted to take a leap and not let fear get in… Continue Reading

Rebranding the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce

By Account Manager Sammy Yatco Madison+Main is a long-time member of the Chesterfield Chamber and is proud to announce their new brand and logo! During the last few months, we’ve researched and analyzed the Chamber’s existing brand including collateral materials, website, messaging and their brand. We also interviewed board members, employees, Chamber members and other… Continue Reading

New Client Announcement: Commonwealth Autism

By VP of Brand Strategy Kara Forbis In June of this year, Madison+Main started working with Commonwealth Autism Service and we are very excited to partner with the organization.  If you aren’t aware Commonwealth Autism Service’s mission is to provide leadership in the implementation of a statewide system of services to maximize the potential and… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – July 18th, 2014

While the cat’s away… Happy Friday! With Dave off having a jolly ol’ time in the UK, Molly zip-lining through rainforests in Costa Rica and Colleen sunbathing in the Hamptons, the writing of the July 18th Weekly Report report fell to the remaining Main-iacs. At first, there was some concern. “How will we ever top Dave’s hysterical jokes and cute family stories?!” said some, “I can’t even remember… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – July 11th, 2014

In a land far, far away… Hey folks, Once upon a time, the hardworking people at Madison+Main got to take a vacation. They traveled near and far, they traveled through exotic locales. Molly left for Costa Rica with her home-again hero Lee, Colleen is visiting New York City and I spent an afternoon in Hopewell. Just kidding. I’m flying out Saturday to meet up with Sue and… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – June 27th 2014

Priorities Hey folks, It was a busy week at Madison+Main, and for once I felt like my priorities were in order (this week’s theme of “Priorities” is brought to you by my friend Greg McQuade of Channel 6. Greg is one of the most positive people I know and inspires people constantly.) Keeping a good work-life balance is… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – June 20th, 2014

By Dave Saunders  Beating the Heat Hey folks, The San Antonio Spurs weren’t the only ones that were beating the Heat this week. At Madison+Main we locked ourselves in, rarely ventured outside and soaked up the deliciously abundant air conditioning provided by our friends at Howell’s Heating and Air. (Howell’s is a long-time client and provided our new HVAC system… Continue Reading

New Client Announcement: Riverside Turf

By VP of Brand Strategy, Kara Forbis Madison+Main is excited to announce our newest client, Riverside Sod Farms. Located in Charles City, Virginia, Riverside Farm was founded in the early 1900s by Czechoslovakian immigrants and for almost 100 years, it was a beef cattle and grain farm. In 2000, fourth-generation Wells Hula enrolled in Virginia… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report

Madison+Main Weekly Report for June 13th, 2014 Better Luck Next Time    Hey folks, It’s Friday the 13th and there will be a full moon tonight. I’m feeling as unlucky as the U.S. Soccer team, who drew global futbol powerhouses Ghana, Germany, and Portugal in Group G for the 2014 World Cup. Better luck next… Continue Reading

Post 06.5.14 – Madison+Main Tries Rock Bottom Brewery!

By Lindsey Durfee, Marketing Administrator First off, who doesn’t appreciate a good craft beer? All right, all right. I understand that there’s such a thing as “gluten free” people, like my favorite Graphic Designer on staff, who physically cannot enjoy a good beer. But otherwise, who can say no? I certainly can’t. When Brian Chandler, President of CommonwealthPR, approached Madison+Main with an… Continue Reading

Post 06.5.14 – Virginia Women’s Center Takes Over Chesterfield Towne Center!

By Graphic Designer, Colleen Festa This spring has been a very exciting time, as we launched a new interactive, large-scale campaign for our client Virginia Women’s Center. This campaign actually began last year, when we began sharing tips on how to live healthy and improve your life. We designed interactive social media graphics and infographics that used bright and fun illustrations. The popularity… Continue Reading

Post 06.4.14 – Madison+Main’s June Media Mixer at Casa Del Barco!

You’re Invited! Join the Madison+Main-iacs on Wednesday June 18th, 2014 from 5:30 – 8:30pm for our June Media Mixer at Casa del Barco! Appetizers Happy Hour Drink Specials Networking 320 South 12th Street Richmond, Virginia 23219 (Downtown, at the historic Canal Walk) To RSVP… email or sign up on our Facebook page, or tweet us @madisonmain or give us a call at (804)… Continue Reading

Post 06.3.14 – Introducing Our Summer 2014 Interns!

Introducing our Summer 2014 Interns! Kaity “Sea Bass” Byrum, Graphic Design Intern I graduated from Longwood University in 2013 with a BFA in Graphic Design. After taking some time off post-graduation, I am hoping that my internship at Madison+Main will help me re-enter the world of graphic design by freshening up my skills and gaining some real world experience.… Continue Reading

Post 05.30.14 – Madison+Main’s Weekly Report

Hey folks, With a Monday holiday, the week at Madison+Main was short and sweet; just like Sammy Yatco, our superstar Account Manager who was on vacation in OBX this week. And boy, did we miss her. This week’s email is going to be short and sweet as well, because there’s too much to do today and not enough hours. You’ve… Continue Reading

Post 05.23.14 – Madison+Main’s Weekly Report

Hey folks, I am dialing in this week’s Report from the beautiful Bath County, Virginia, and more specifically, holding my iPhone at a 45 degree angle towards a cell repeating station somewhere South/Southwest of Warm Spring, Virginia on top of a peak in the George Washington National Forest. Thank goodness I have Verizon. If I… Continue Reading

Post 05.22.14 – 33rd Annual Vintage Virginia Wine & Food Festival

33rd Annual Vintage Virginia Wine & Food Festival May 31 – June 1, 2014 Next weekend, you’ll find the Madison+Main-iacs in Northern Virginia for the 33rd Annual Vintage Virginia Wine & Food Festival. The highly anticipated event, located at Bull Run Park Special Events Center in Centreville, is guaranteed to quench your thirst and fill your… Continue Reading

Post 05.16.14 – Madison+Main’s Weekly Report

Hey folks, “I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted to one time to see you laughing
I only wanted to see you
Laughing in the Purple Rain” It feels a lot like 1994. I was living in Los Angeles at the time, and everyone was talking about… Continue Reading

Post 05.14.14 – So Long, Spring 2014 Interns!

By Sarah Dawes Murphy, Marketing Communications Executive Ah, May. The end of the academic semester. The time when Madison+Main-iacs try to squeeze work into every last second our out-going interns spend still roaming the first floor of 101 E. Cary. Cruel? Maybe. But we’re really just prepping for what I’ve come to call, “The Intern Void”—that… Continue Reading

Post 05.9.14 – Madison+Main’s Weekly Report

Hey folks, It was a busy week at Madison+Main as May rushed in. The Madison+Main-iacs and I have been attending events nonstop this month. On May 1st we sponsored the RVA Creativity Awards. On May 2nd we attended the Richmond Ad Show. And this week, I had an after-hours event every single night. That, combined with early morning meetings… Continue Reading

Post 05.6.14 – Oregon V.S. POM

It’s tough when people criticize your work product. Especially in this business, the ad business, where we put a lot of time and thought and creativity into projects, it is difficult to be subjected to criticisms. We expect our peers to be respectful and constructive. We let clients be more than honest with feedback. But… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report for May 2nd, 2014

It’s Award Season! Hey folks, RVA Award Season is in full swing. It’s that time of year where generally mild-mannered business types forgo formalities of humility and strap on cocktail wear to self-congratulate one another. And why not, darn it? There are people out there who deserve a little recognition for things like hard work, creativity and giving… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report for April 18th, 2014

Madison+Main Weekly Report for April 18th, 2014 Sit Back and Relax: The Boss is on Vacation Believe it or not, Constant Contact was down all day on Friday, so the Weekly Report is three days late. Happy Monday! Molly Quarles, VP of Operations here, writing Dave’s Weekly Report since he was out galavanting on a beach somewhere. #RealLife #NotPhotoshopped… Continue Reading

My Weekend in Orangeburg

By Graphic Designer Colleen Festa  Dave has a running joke at the agency…at least I think it’s a joke. When he asks me occasionally about my weekend, he’ll finish with “how was your trip to Orangeburg, South Carolina?” Apparently he got a speeding ticket there one time, and he never forgot it. After laughing off… Continue Reading

A Review of the Legalities of Social Media

By Account Management Intern Brandon Singletary Last week, Dorsey McFadden, Sarah Murphy and I had the pleasure of attending the Richmond PRSA Luncheon at the Lakeside Country Club. Speaker Chris Fortier spoke about “Legalities of Social Media” and he sits on the Board of Governors for the Virginia State Bar Young Lawyers Conference as the… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report

Hey folks, It was a busy week at Madison+Main, but we took some casualties. Winter threw its last punch at us, with snow flurries on Monday and 17 degree temps on Wednesday. A large percentage of the Madison+Main-iacs were down for the count; Molly, Kara, Dorsey, Kelley, Colleen. I got the sniffles on Tuesday night, but they went away after two medium-sized… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By the Numbers… Hey folks, This week’s Madison+Main Weekly Report is coming to you 2 hours early so I can play hooky this afternoon and watch basketball. Besides, it’s really hard to type inside of a crowded BW3. Last weekend’s whirlwind tour of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn is now just a memory, and sadly the A10 #2 seed VCU lost a heartbreaker to #4 SJU in the Championship,… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Hey folks, Greetings from the Bergen Street Station on the New York Subway system. The F Train stands for “Famous,” because it is the only train that doesn’t stop at the Barclays Center. It was a busy week at Madison+Main, but the only thing that was on my mind this week was the A-10 Tournament and my beloved VCU Rams. Monday… Continue Reading

Sky Zone Richmond Signs with Madison+Main!

We’re thrilled to announce that Sky Zone Richmond signed on with Madison+Main! We will launch an integrated marketing and PR campaign for the indoor trampoline this Spring – stay tuned! 🙂 ———————————————————————————————- Sky Zone Richmond, the central Virginia-based franchise of Sky Zone (a series of indoor trampoline parks with more than 50 locations across the US and… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Hey folks, If I could sum up Generation Y in one word, or better yet in one hashtag, it would be #YOLO: You Only Live Once. I’m surrounded by twenty-somethings and their “take no prisoners” attitude suits me just fine. It was a #YOLO kind of week at Madison+Main: busy, productive, fun and edge-of-your-seat excitement. On Sunday night, I… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Weekly Report

Hey folks, When I say things to myself like, “I’m glad February is almost over,” and “I waited almost two hours to get my oil changed,” I am ashamed of myself. When I get angry and walk around my house brooding for two hours because VCU lost a game they should have won to UMass, I take a… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Hey folks, It was a busy and productive week at Madison+Main, as I was able to see lots of clients face-to-face, which I think is better than following their exploits on Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, a 16-year-old told me this week that Facebook was “dead.” Although I don’t agree with this, a recent University College of London report states… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Hey folks In the meadow we can build a snowman and pretend that he is Parson Brown, He’ll say ‘Are you married?’ we’ll say, ‘No man, but you can do the job when you’re in town.’ –  Walking in a Winter Wonderland At Madison+Main this week, everyone was talking about the weather, worrying about the weather, planning… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Hey folks, “When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad.” – The Sound of Music Football, one of my favorite things, ended Sunday night with RVA favorite Seattle blowing out Denver in front of 150 million or so of my closest friends. Every… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

With today being the last day of the month, I think the theme this week at Madison+Main was out with the old and in with the new. We said goodbye to some old friends and hello to some new ones. Before I get started on Monday’s report, several of you commented that you missed my sports reports.… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Yay, we did it! We survived the Great Blizzard of 2014 with minimal damage. And although my kids were excited that Chesterfield County Schools closed for the week, the kids at Madison+Main were hard at work, braving the elements and single-digit temperatures. Despite this, everyone I know had a great week, except Justin Bieber. Monday (1/20) – On Monday, we finally gave Lindsey Durfee a… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Life is like a game. Like any game, there are winners and losers. There are good days and bad days. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and occasionally you end up in a tie. Navy football coachEddie Erdelatz famously said in 1953, “A tie is like kissing your sister,” but I prefer Baseball Hall of Famer George Brett’s slightly less famous quote… “If… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

December rolls on, the holidays are in full swing and I’ve been wearing my Ron Burgundy jacket everywhere. No matter where I go, no matter which party I attend, random women come up and want to rub my fuzzy festive blazer. There is a reason for the season and a reason that I bought this sports coat.… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

The holiday season so far at Madison+Main has been more Go Go Go than Ho Ho Ho; we’ve been busier than a one-armed lumberjack. I find it amusing that so many things have to end by December 31st… and so many other things must begin on January 1st. Ahh, marketing. Monday (12/9) – On Monday, I conducted most… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Hey folks, The “big @ss” Christmas tree went up this week at Madison+Main and the Times-Dispatch reminded me this morning that there are only 19 shopping days until Christmas. All of us at Madison+Main survived Black Friday, but our Holiday Open House almost killed us… The week at Madison+Main was fun and festive: Monday (12/2) – On Monday, Sammy and I had the pleasure… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

It was a stellar week at Madison+Main and I was fortunate enough to eat lunch outside of the office every day this week. When I started Madison+Main in 2005, a good friend and business mentor from California sent me a book called Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets To Success, One Relationship At A Time by Keith Ferrazzi. I pulled… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

The M+M Weekly Report is dished up for you “hot and fresh” this afternoon, like a comforting cup of Swiss Miss hot chocolate… full of hot, steamy goodness. (With snow flurries on Tuesday, we panicked – like the rest of you – and stocked up on cocoa and marshmallows). The Weekly Report continues to grow and we’d… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

My birthday/mid-life crisis extended into this week at Madison+Main, with a week full of “surprises.” It was a wild and wacky five day weekend as I celebrated the 25th anniversary of my 21st birthday by hitting the Urbanna OysterFest on Friday (11/1), drove back to announce the Smith Sharks’ first playoff game Saturday night (which they won 12-0) and then… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Dave Saunders Chief Idea Officer This week at Madison+Main I learned that Mercury is in retrograde, which is why no one in Washington can get along with each other, the economy soured in the third quarter and everybody was in a foul mood last week. This week again we looked to the heavens to… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders After this week at Madison+Main, I may have to turn in my “man card.” I wrote two TV Ads about jewelry. I reviewed color swatches with “the girls” and thumbed through furniture catalogs. I ate my first salad in two years…and I got a pedicure. I’m turning into a chick.… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

This week at Madison+Main, we were very excited to find out that the U.S. Government was finally getting back to work, but saddened to hear that Miley Cyrus was still in the news. Our new new motto is: “More workin’, less twerkin’.” It was a busy week, with some new faces at Madison+Main and a chance to reconnect… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Signs Northern Neck Insurance!

By Marketing Administrator Lindsey Durfee Are you familiar with the Northern Neck of Virginia? It’s situated on the Western shore of the Chesapeake Bay and is home to Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond and Westmoreland counties. But more importantly, home to our newest client! Who is Northern Neck Insurance Company? Northern Neck Insurance is a Virginia-only mutual… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

I know you’re all dying to know the score of last week’s Sharks game, and I am dying to give you a report. The mighty Sharks of Alberta Smith downed the Clover Hill Bulldogs 24 – 2 on their home field and most likely ruined their homecoming festivities. With only three games to go in the CQL season, the Sharks are undefeated at… Continue Reading

4th Annual Chili Cook Off Overview

By Account Management Intern Marie Sicola  I walked into a room saturated with crock-pots, sour cream, cheddar cheese and corn bread. The warm aroma smelled of ground beef, peppers and a hit of Guinness. Nine pots sat before me and only excitement and intense stomach yearning occupied my mind. Which one should I try first?… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Even though it still feels like Summer, we were in full Fall mode at Madison+Main this week. And that means a) lots of charity events where I have to wear golf clothes and b) lots of charity events where I have to wear black tie and tails. I made several trips to the dry cleaner this week. It’s a… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Any time a major-leaguer can hit two out of three, it’s considered a good day. At Madison+Main this week, we were batting .667… two out of three phone calls were hit, two out of three happenings put us into positive territory, but as you read further, you’ll realize that we had a couple set backs… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

It was a good news/bad news kind of week at Madison+Main, but you know me, I’m an optimist and I always look toward the bright side. Today, the bad news is we need a new HVAC unit (in the building we just purchased.) The good news is that Howell’s Heating & Air is one of our best… Continue Reading

Announcement: September Media Mixer!

Hey folks! Save the date! Next Wednesday, September 25th is  the Madison+Main Monthly Media Mixer       and… it’s on a BOAT! Join us for appetizers and happy hour drink specials! When: Wednesday, September 25th 5:00-8:00pm Where: Flatheads at Rocketts Landing 3125 Wharf Street Richmond, VA 23223 (map) RVSP: On our Facebook page or Email Lindsey Durfee Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

Greetings from beautiful Woodlands Conference Center at Colonial Williamsburg, where I’ve spent the last 1 1/2 days participating in the annual retreat for the National MS Society. I’m happy to announce that today — well, officially October 1st — the Central Virginia and Hampton Roads chapters have now combined to form a new entity, which will help more than… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders Well, summer is officially over and the Main-iacs and I celebrated a glorious three-day Labor Day weekend. And along with you, I sent the kids back to school on Tuesday. But, by now you should know that we packed five days of work into the four-day workweek. We have… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Dave Saunders, Chief Idea Officer The word of the week at Madison+Main was “reality.” One of our clients is appearing in a Reality TV Series. We made a video for another client that looks like Reality TV and, with three new clients to announce in the historically slow month of August, we feel that the 4th… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders It’s casual Friday at Madison+Main and I am wearing a Howard’s Pub t-shirt and flip flops and life is exactly how it should be. It was another busy, yet productive, week at Madison+Main, and just like most weeks it started on a Monday. 🙂    It’s casual Friday and I’m already… Continue Reading

Now Accepting Intern Applications for the Fall!

By Lindsey Durfee, Marketing Administrator You may not know, but Madison+Main has a very cool internship program! 🙂 We’ve got a lot going on here and would love to provide you with a great opportunity to gain real world agency experience. We offer internships each semester in Account Management, Digital Marketing and Graphic Design. We’re… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders This week’s edition of the Weekly Report is brought to you by the Madison+Main Fab Five: Account Manager Kelley Miller, Account Executive Sammy Yatco, Senior Account Manager Katie Hurst, VP of Brand Strategy Kara Forbis and Account Executive Sarah Dawes. Dave isn’t writing the report this week because he is spending the weekend with his son down… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders New places, new spaces and new faces. It has been a busy week at Madison+Main, we welcomed a new Account Manager, visited some new places in Bath County and hosted 90 of our closest personal friends at our new space. By the way, this week’s edition of the Weekly… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

This past weekend I celebrated one of the most amazing Independence Days in our nation’s 237 year history. The weekend was full of family, apple pie and fireworks, which we purchased legally in South Carolina at South of the Border and then vicariously smuggled into Midlothian, where “bombs burst in the air.” My wife Sue, a LEGAL… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Signs Uptown Alley!

 By Marketing Administrator Lindsey Durfee Madison+Main is excited to announce… we have a new client… sort of. 🙂 Uptown Alley, the Chesterfield-based entertainment complex signed Madison+Main as their Agency of Record this week. We plan to help the popular indoor restaurant and entertainment venue with a strategic marketing plan for the remainder of 2013 and… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders According to the weatherman, Wednesday was the hottest day of the year so far, which is entirely appropriate considering things have been heating up at M+M! We received an unexpected SEVENTH Telly Award, launched two new TV spots and, yes, we bought a building. It was a good week.… Continue Reading

Madison+Main wins a 7th Telly

By Marketing Administrator Lindsey Durfee We’re surprised (in a good way) to announce that we won a seventh Telly Award! On the final day of judging we were notified that we won a Bronze Award for this year’s television spot for Springdale at Lucy Corr Village “Nana’s House.” The television spot was awarded in the… Continue Reading

Madison+Main has moved!

By Marketing Administrator Lindsey Durfee Madison+Main has relocated to 101 E Cary Street in downtown Richmond, Virginia. We will no longer be at 1313 East Main Street, although we will miss our convenient access to the bars and restaurants in Shockoe Slip. Do you recognize the white building on the corner of First and Cary?… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders I was reminded by a friend of mine recently that in the future, I’ll look fondly back on swim meets that last eight hours. He said “you’ll miss those days sooner than you think.” Thanks to my good buddy and LeClairRyan super lawyer Will Shewmake for giving me a different perspective… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders In the words of the seemingly immortal Charlie Sheen, it was a #WINNING week at Madison+Main. From Monday to Friday, from the top to the bottom and from clients to partners to vendors, it was a week where we had tiger blood coursing through our veins (can you believe its been… Continue Reading

Madison+Main WINS 6 Tellys!

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders We’re happy to announce that… WE WON SIX TELLY AWARDS!!! Four bronze and two silver for TV spots we did for  the Colonial Athletic Association, First Bank, Capital Ale House and Yard Works. You can view the award winning spots on our YouTube channel. Madison+Main Awarded Six Tellys at… Continue Reading

Foundation Basketball Group Signs with Madison+Main!

By Lindsey Durfee, Marketing Administrator Madison+Main welcomed Foundation Basketball Group as a client on May 17, 2013. This local Richmond organization is all about basketball training; the company focuses on providing development, instruction and training services for student athletes. Foundation Basketball Group provides training camps, clinics, one-on-one sessions, small group training and after-school programs. The programs… Continue Reading

Weekly Report from Madison+Main

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders I use the Madison+Main Weekly Report as a way to tell you what we did this past week, but I figured I’d start off by telling you something we didn’t do last week. Unlike many other businesses, we opted not to travel to Denver with the Greater Richmond Chamber… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Signs Davis & Green Electrical!

By Marketing Administrator Lindsey Durfee Madison+Main recently signed with a new client in the greater Richmond area: Davis & Green Electrical. We’re excited to announce that we will be helping them with their brand and marketing strategies. About Davis & Green Electrical Davis & Green Electrical is an electrical contracting company that focuses on commercial,… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Signs with M. L. Bell Construction!

By Marketing Administrator Lindsey Durfee We’re excited to announce that we have recently signed with M. L. Bell Construction! The Madison+Main team will be helping out the local company with their brand and marketing strategies. About M. L. Bell Construction M. L. Bell Construction is a general contracting company that employs the “build it like you… Continue Reading

Weekly Report from Madison+Main

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders Greetings from the beautiful Kingsmill Resort and Spa, along the beautiful James River, in beautiful Williamsburg, Virginia. It’s so beautiful here, I may just puke. I am just now wrapping up a couple of days of inspiring speakers and tremendous networking opportunities at the Virginia Council of CEOs retreat… Continue Reading

Weekly Report from Madison+Main

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders It was a challenging week for everyone, but we got through it. When I opened up my Richmond Times-Dispatch it seemed like there was bad news every day. Blasts in both Boston and Texas filled the airwaves, terrorist manhunts flowed for 24 hours a day on CNN and most… Continue Reading

Weekly Report from Madison+Main

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders After 10 days of cruising around the Caribbean, I found myself back in the lovely sub-tropical Richmond, Virginia this week. Watch out world, I’m tan…rested…and ready. Tuesday 4/9 – My workweek started on Tuesday morning with a three hour email Inbox cleanup. I am absolutely amazed at how many emails… Continue Reading

Weekly Report from Madison+Main

By Graphic Designer Colleen Festa It’s me, Colleen Festa, Graphic Designer at Madison+Main, pinch-hitting for Dave on this week’s Madison+Main’s weekly report. He asked me to pass along info to you all this week while he is on Spring Break with his family. Dave’s writing style is quirky and funny, but as you see my… Continue Reading

Weekly Report from Madison+Main

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders I have a lot of friends who run in the Monument Avenue 10K, various marathons and compete in triathlons, but I don’t run unless someone is chasing me. 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll be walking with the Madison+Main team at Walk MS Richmond. Our team has raised $1,000 so far but… Continue Reading

The Best of RVA: Cheap Eats

  By Jon Glomb, Account Services Coordinator Intern Hey there Madison+Main blog readers. Today marks the beginning of a 15 week series that will run every Friday. One that offers foodies, entertainment and good time seekers some direction while wading through the cacophony of leisure blogs. Brought to you by folks that work, play and… Continue Reading

Best Internship in #RVA

As you may know Madison+Main was given the HYPE award last year for Best Workplace for Young Professionals. What you may not know is that Madison+Main has a very cool internship program. It is highly competitive and we get tons of applications for only 3 spots, but we are happy to announce today that we… Continue Reading

All Aboard! Rainbow Station Brings on Madison+Main as New Marketing Firm

In a quest for “boldness,” the nine-location early childhood education franchisor Rainbow Station has signed Madison+Main, as its agency of record. Rainbow Station already has a presence in North Carolina, Texas and Virginia and is looking to continue expanding in these areas and beyond – a mission that we at Madison+Main are prepared to accomplish.… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Partners with ReelVR

In our last post we introduced augmented reality: a new technology that uses computer generated images to blur the lines between what’s real and what isn’t. Augmented reality devices and applications are wildly popular across Europe, but at Madison+Main we’re excited about the Richmond-based augmented reality app that was just released by Scott Harris and… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Employees Take Time to Commemorate Pearl Harbor

On December 7, 2011 the employees of Madison+Main decided to take a more somber tone for their December field trip by visiting the Virginia War Memorial and taking part in the 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor. During his poignant keynote speech, Governor Bob McDonnell acknowledged six surviving Virginians who were stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; George Bland,… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Creates YouTube Video for MS Society

As many of you know, Madison+Main is committed to working towards a world free of Multiple Sclerosis. And as a big supporter of the Central Virginia Chapter of the MS Society, we have volunteered our time and services to help promote their fundraising events. This past spring, several of the Madison+Mainiacs took part in the… Continue Reading

Discover New Ways to Market Your Business at the 2011 Retail Marketing Expo

The 2011 Retail Marketing Expo is quickly approaching and we couldn’t be more thrilled to promote this exciting event. Madison+Main developed a concept and wrote scripts for both TV and radio commercials announcing the event. We also collaborated with the Retail Marketing Association and BES Television in producing the commercials which will air throughout the… Continue Reading

Tom Winfree of Village Bank is 2011 Bernard L. Savage Award Winner

President and CEO of Village Bank Tom Winfree is a man about town. As a member of more than a dozen civic organizations, including the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce and the Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce, Tom has made many significant contributions around the Richmond community. To reward his relentless dedication, the Chesterfield Business… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Wins “Excellence in New Communications Award” from SNCR (Society for New Communications Research)

The 2010 SNCR Excellence in New Communications Awards were announced Friday, November 5th at the Stanford Park Hotel in Menlo Park California, and Madison + Main’s 2010 integrated marketing campaign for was selected as a winner in the Use of Multiple Platforms/Integrated Initiatives category. These prestigious awards honor the work of individuals, corporations, nonprofit… Continue Reading

Meet the Reverse RFP Winner: Comfort Zone Camp

We are thrilled to announce our relationship with Comfort Zone Camp, winner of our 501(c)3 nonprofit Reverse RFP (Request for Proposal). Comfort Zone Camp offers bereavement services for 7-17 year-olds. The camp offers year-round services, for free, to children who have lost a family member. Their aim is to restore confidence and help with the… Continue Reading

Richmond Firms Set to Donate Over $100,000 In Services To One Local Non-Profit.

Madison + Main, V4 Web, Knowledge Advisory Group, Thinkhaus, ByteJam, and Wythken Printing to submit “Reverse RFP” to Richmond-area charitable groups. RICHMOND, Va. – One lucky nonprofit in the local Richmond, Virginia area will receive more than $100,000 in marketing and PR services in 2011, thanks to a generous gift by creative marketing firm Madison+Main… Continue Reading

M+M Lunches: Feeding Minds Too

If you feed them, they will come. And they might as well learn something. Every two weeks Madison+Main staff cross-train each other. We do this in an effort to keep the lines of communication open and to keep us all working together in true team fashion. Creative teams speak to account teams, and we all… Continue Reading

Your URL in Beats turns your every day URL into sweet beats. What’s your website’s personality? Plug it in, and check it out*. The melody is a complex mix of kicky drum beats and synthesized sound effects that transport us to a mashup of 80’s disco dance party and sci-fi settings. Complimentary dances include: the Robot and… Continue Reading

Art from Your Fingertips

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done with your mouse? We’re making conceptual art with ours. Using the mouse path tracker app from IOGraphica we’re creating some pretty wild art pieces as we go about our normal work tasks. As you move your mouse around opening windows and computer files, using various programs,  or clicking… Continue Reading

2010 Shorty Awards: Richmond Brings the A-Game

Flashbulbs, trophies, celebs, and…Sesame Street? Yes, these were the makings of 2010’s Shorty Awards, the Twitter community’s answer to the Oscar Awards. The Shorty Awards works to honor the most movin’-est and shakin’-est among the Twitter fellowship – the types of people who use the social media platform for its original intents and purposes –… Continue Reading

Richmond Catches Twitter Fever

Watch live streaming video from shortyawards at If 2010 is the year of the Tiger, 2009 was “The Year of the Twitter,” especially in Richmond, Virginia. Our proud city produced 5 competitive finalists for Shorty Awards this year. All of them are on their way to NYC for the “Twitter Oscars” ceremonies and celebration.… Continue Reading

eSmart Tax’s Daryl Johnson is “Makin’ it Rain!”

The campaign has a few unique elements that the media has found interesting; and eSmart’s new campaign spokesperson, Daryl Johnson, coincidentally enough is from Richmond, VA. Daryl Johnson, a 28-year-old, fun-loving, golf-playing, lawn care company owner, is the new spokesperson for, the online tax service powered by Liberty Tax Service. Before Daryl meets the… Continue Reading

Madison+Main 2009 Impact Awards

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – December 5, 2009 Madison+Main was named a finalist for the Greater Richmond Chambers IMPACT Award for the second year in a row. Check out our video for the event to learn more about what makes us tick. Teleo Films did a great job capturing the spirt of what… Continue Reading

M+M Welcomes 2 New Clients in November

With two new clients at Madison+Main, 2010 is looking—well—busy! We’re happy to introduce you to: Napier Realtors Napier Realtors ERA® is one of the leading, full service real estate brokerage firms in the Richmond metro area, with offices in Colonial Heights, Midlothian, Powhatan and the West End. M+M will help Napier with some of their… Continue Reading

Leave No Duck Behind

If you’ve lived in Richmond for any period of time, you’ve probably heard of the Annual Duck Race fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters. If not, here’s more info on the festivities,000 ducks are bought (with proceeds going to BBBS), then hoisted high above the Kanawha Canal and ceremoniously dumped…Thousands cheer the from the… Continue Reading

Madison+Main making IMPACT ’09!

Posted by Jeff Smack, Art Director The Greater Richmond Chamber’s IMPACT awards finalists have been announced and we find ourselves in the company of some fantastic organizations. This is our second year as a finalist. We had a blast with the whole process last year and we’re excited and honored to remain in contention for… Continue Reading

Horizon Software International Picks Madison+Main

Horizon Software International, a global leader in food service operations technology, picked Madison+Main to launch an online advertising initiative offering banner advertising services on their popular website, Madison+Main will implement, manage and handle sales for all online advertising campaigns appearing on the Atlanta, Georgia-based company’s website. Read more in the Richmond Times-Dispatch here. Continue Reading

More Media Coverage for Madison+Main

There’s more news in the Richmond Times-Dispatch about the benefits of Social Media for businesses. Here you can read how local businesses are finding new business through Twitter, and once your done there check out this piece on the New Media Seminars, where small business owners and marketers are learning how to leverage new media… Continue Reading

Richmond Alarm Company Taps Madison+Main to Enhance Marketing Efforts

Richmond Alarm Company, a member of the Richmond business community since 1947, picked Madison+Main to handle a comprehensive campaign designed to advance their future marketing efforts. Madison+Main will handle consultation, strategy and development for Richmond Alarm Company, as they look to reach certain marketing and business goals through future campaigns. Check out the Richmond Times-Dispatch… Continue Reading

President and Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders on WTVR 6

WTVR-6 CBS is running special segments this week about social media featuring Madison+Main President and Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders. Dave is touching on Facebook and Twitter to give people a better understanding of how to use the social networking tools. The Wednesday, May 6 sessions feature four segments. To see Dave explain Facebook, click… Continue Reading Picks Madison+Main to Promote Website Re-Launch has tapped Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media to market the re-launch of the Richmond, Virginia website, as it redefines itself as “the online home for fun things to do in Richmond.” has worked diligently over the last several months building a new website. Madison+Main will coordinate a traditional and new media advertising campaign… Continue Reading

Tanya Free Chooses Madison+Main For New Website and Social Media Campaign

Popular radio host and blogger, Tanya Free, has retained Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media to develop a new website, blog and to consult on a social media marketing campaign. Madison+Main will redesign her current website and blog, while also helping her launch a social media campaign to maximize her online presence. The new website and… Continue Reading

Social Media Experts to Gather in Richmond, VA for New Media Seminar

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on, and so on. It’s all over the news, but as a business owner or marketer, you have questions. Luckily, Madison+Main and several other companies are teaming up to bring the New Media Seminar series to Richmond March 10th and 11th at Holiday Inn Select Koger Conference Center. President &… Continue Reading

Madison+Main’s Dave Saunders in Wired article on Twitter

Posted by Joshua Barber, Creative Director – February 13, 2009 We are proud of our fearless leader, David Saunders. Within this past week, he has been in the Wall Street Journal and now Wired! The Wired article titled, “The Shorty Awards: Why Nerds Hate Twitter,” focuses on how the Shorty Award winners and finalist attrack… Continue Reading

Traylor, Morris & Elliott Chooses Madison+Main

Traylor, Morris & Elliott, PC has retained Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media to develop their first website to open up new lines of communication and offer information resources to current and prospective clients. Madison+Main will create the custom website and perform local search engine optimization to maximize the Petersburg-based law firm’s online presence. The new… Continue Reading

Holiday Inn Select Koger Center Picks Madison+Main for New Website

Holiday Inn Select Koger South Conference Center is expanding its online capabilities with a new website that will serve as a resource for guests and a marketing tool for the hotel. Madison+Main will incorporate new features on the website, such as online booking for the hotel, while expanding online customer service resources for guests and… Continue Reading

It’s the Thought That Counts

Posted by Jeff Smack, Art Director – December 20, 2008 As you may have seen in the last post, Dave took his karaoke prowess to Rainmaker Studios and laid down some velvety notes for the holiday season. We put the track on a disk, packaged it up and sent it out to our friends and… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Teams Up with Children, Incorporated to Spread Message Online

Madison+Main and Children, Incorporated teamed up to put a fresh spin on child sponsorship with the release of the Wingman webisode, which shows that helping children-in-need is not just charitable, it’s a cool thing to do. This proactive approach by the non-profit organization recognizes the effectiveness of targeting younger consumers through social media sites like… Continue Reading Retains Madison+Main as Agency of Record, the leading internet load board for the trucking industry, announced today that it has chosen Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media, as its agency of record. Madison+Main will handle creative concepts, brand management, social media campaigns, 3-D and guerilla marketing, billboard designs, radio, text messaging campaigns and event marketing consultation regarding trade shows and sports… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Impact Awards 08

Here is a short video that was created about our company for the 2008 Impact Awards in Richmond, Virginia. Maybe this puts our company into a “behind the scenes” context. Yes, we work hard. Yes, we play hard too. The IMPACT Award recognizes a company that contributes to the greater Richmond community, offers a good… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Makes Donation to Petersburg School

Madison+Main continues to give back to the community by providing a donation to through our partnership with Google. The donation benefitted the “Counting on Creativity In Math” program at J.E.B. Stuart Elementary School in Petersburg. The money will help Ms. Leslie Steele purchase portfolios with fasteners, colored pencils, glue sticks and a digital camera… Continue Reading

Taylor Malbon Featured in Skirt Magazine

Check out Skirt Magazine’s twenty-four 7 feature on Taylor Malbon, Vice President of Madison+Main. Taylor talks about her life, her interests and what drives her success in the November issue of Skirt, now on news stands around Richmond, Virginia. Simply click here to read it online. Continue Reading

Cursebird, UmbrellaToday and other web 2.0 finds from madison+main

Cursebird.comOk. This one’s pretty good. takes all tweets that have four-letter words and re-tweets them in one long, constantly updating, stream of random profanity, asking “what the f#@! is everyone swearing about?”Umbrellatoday.comOK. This one is cool and useful and it works. is a totally simple, functional and brave web 2.0 idea.Umbrella Today will… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Nominated as “Company to Watch”

Madison+Main was nominated as a Greater Richmond Company to Watch, presented by The Venture Forum! The list of nominees includes 60 local businesses, including O T Air, Data Blueprint (our neighbors in the AdvanTech building), CapTech Ventures and TheHelpDeskCompany. Companies to Watch represent the most innovative companies with high growth potential in the Greater Richmond… Continue Reading

Update on

While I sat my fat butt on the couch, switching channels between the Jerry Lewis Telethon and the Republican Convention and the non-event in Louisiana that CNN was covering, I really felt I had a lot to rant about. Luckily for me and you, Richmonders can now rant in “micro.” Even though we were… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Makes an IMPACT on Richmond

On August 14th, I was away on vacation with my family in Ocracoke, though the BlackBerry was nearby. I picked it up, read an email and found out that Madison+Main was chosen as one of five finalists for the 21st annual IMPACT Award. Despite promising my wife “no work during vacation,” I called the office… Continue Reading

M+M Staffers Volunteer for Bright Beginnings

For the third year in a row, Madison+Main staffers teamed up with Children, Incorporated and the YMCA in shopping for a cause. Mark Ellison and Amanda Cinfio recently shopped for back-to-school clothing with some energetic and enthusiastic kids from the Downtown Y. To learn more about this great cause and other things going on with… Continue Reading Goes Live 9/01/08 at 9:01 am

I’m excited to announce Madison+Main’s official sponsorship of the newest and silliest social media experiment to ever hit Richmond, Virginia, This new blog, launching September 1st at 9:01 AM, will track all the things you can’t do in Richmond. Get it? Things like: “You can’t find ponies at Pony Pasture” and “You can’t make… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Releases “Blastroid”

Madison+Main’s Creative Director, Joshua Barber, has done it again! He’s created a new video game for all of you cubicle-dwellers to play in your “downtime” at work: Blastroid. Just visit our blog to play along. And don’t forget to send us your high score! Winners will be posted on the game’s webpage. Continue Reading

Chesterfield County Public Schools Chooses Madison+Main (Again)

Having previously worked with Chesterfield County Public Schools for their Adult Education Program’s GED campaign, we are thrilled to work with the school system on the redesign of their brand and identity. Chesterfield County Public Schools is one of the 100 largest school systems in the US, with 60,000 students, 8,000 employees and 62 schools… Continue Reading

Children, Incorporated Needs Volunteers Who Like to Shop!

Like to shop with other people’s money? Our client Children, Incorporated could use your help for a very good cause! Our favorite Richmond-based non-profit organization is in need of several volunteers for the 3rd Annual back-2-school shopping program called Bright Beginnings. The four-day shopping spree at Target will pair Downtown YMCA children with volunteer shopping… Continue Reading

Big Fish, Small Pond

While snorkeling in the clear waters of Cozumel, Mexico for Cinco de Mayo, the Madison+Main crew caught this outrageous shark attack on film. We’re sharing it with you for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Have fun…and if you’re going to the beach, keep a weather eye on the waters! Check back next week for a… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Rolls a “Cannonball” Home from Richmond Ad Show

Madison+Main has a nice, new pair of paperweights that oddly resemble Cannonballs, as we brought home our first-ever awards from The Richmond Show on April 18th. The Richmond Show, hosted by Richmond Ad Club, is an annual advertising competition for Richmond-based advertising agencies, judged by representatives from agencies in New York City, Washington D.C., Charlotte… Continue Reading

M. Scott Gore, DDS, Madison+Main’s First Client of the New Year

M. Scott Gore Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has retained Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media as its new agency of record. M. Scott Gore, DDS, has been serving patients in the Midlothian, Virginia community for over 15 years. Through continuing education and state-of-the-art equipment, his practice offers a high level of care. For more information on… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Establishes Strategic Partnership with PowerPlay

Due to the overwhelming numbers of businesses and start-ups seeking our services, M+M has formed a strategic partnership with small business marketing expert Chris Galiffa and his firm, PowerPlay Marketing Solutions. Stay tuned for more info on how this new partnership will help small businesses in the Richmond area. The Metropolitan Business League now… Continue Reading

Taylor Malbon Promoted to Vice President at Madison+Main

Taylor Malbon was promoted to the position of Vice President of Madison+Main in late December. She will continue her duties as Director of Accounts, while carrying the new title and responsibilities. “Taylor has been a phenomenal addition to M+M since she joined us two years ago,” said Dave Saunders, President. “Personable, enthusiastic and hard-working…what else… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Adds Two New Staff Members

Madison+Main welcomes Amanda Cinfio and Will Trible to the family. Amanda Cinfio, Office Manager, was born in Cambridge, UK but has resided in many other countries. She attended Watford College (now West Herts) in the UK, having studied Business Administration and Marketing & Advertising. She is married, fluent in Spanish, speaks conversational French and claims… Continue Reading


Madison+Main recently launched four new websites for its clients Big Brothers Big Sisters, Camp-aign for American Kids, The Coleman Institute and Vera’s Fine Jewelers. Be sure to check out all of these websites! Big Brothers Big Sisters, mentoring Virginia children to become productive adults. Camp-aign for American Kids, assisting American kids with Faith & Value… Continue Reading

Madison+Main Sponsors GRCC Event: Vision 20/10

Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media was proud to be the focus sponsor of the 2007 Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce’s annual event, Vision 20/10. The event was held on November 19, at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Siegel Center, and returned to a report written by Dr. James A. Crupi, “Richmond at the Crossroads” (1993), in the… Continue Reading

Molly Quarles joins Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media.

After years of schmoozing with Mark and Dave, Molly Quarles has finally joined Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media as the Traffic and Production Manager. Molly earned her BS in Mass Communications with a concentration in Business Advertising at Virginia Commonwealth University. She previously served as the Director of eVisure, a Richmond-based technology company that measures… Continue Reading

Belmont Partners, LLC has chosen Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media.

Belmont Partners, LLC announced today that it has chosen Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media to design print ads, direct mail pieces, and a search engine marketing campaign and perform search engine optimization. The campaign will begin in the fourth quarter of 2007. Belmont Partners is a national consulting firm specializing in reverse mergers, PIPES and… Continue Reading

Camp-aign for American Kids has announced that they have retained Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media.

Madison+Main will create a complete identity package, in addition to a website and print advertisement campaign for Camp-aign for American Kids. These projects will work to create awareness of the company’s mission and to increase the cause’s productivity. Camp-aign for American Kids is led by Reverend Jon Sherry and works to improve the quality of… Continue Reading

Madison+Main adds two new staff members

Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media is proud to introduce two new additions to our staff: Shawn Smith has joined Madison+Main as the Director of Communications. Shawn has over 12 years of experience in public relations and communications strategy. He previously served as the Executive Director and Director of Communication for the Republican Party of Virginia.… Continue Reading

Performance Home Technology chooses Madison+Main

Performance Home Technology announced today that it has chosen Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media to design, develop and launch its new website. The website will be structured to allow prospective clients to acquire information on home theatre and automation technology. Performance Home Technology is a Richmond-based company that specializes in audio, video and automation technologies… Continue Reading

The Retail Merchants Association picks Madison+Main to promote the 2007 Retail Marketing Expo

The Retail Merchants Association of Greater Richmond has announced that it will utilize the services of Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media to promote the 2007 Retail Marketing Expo. Madison+Main will launch local television, print and radio advertising campaigns in the Richmond metropolitan area in order to increase awareness of the Expo. The Retail Merchants Association… Continue Reading

Custom Trim Specialists has chosen Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media

Custom Trim Specialists has chosen Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media as its advertising agency to design, develop and launch a brochure website, as well as produce recruitment ads. The website will be a resource for prospective clients to acquire information about the company’s services. Custom Trim Specialists is an interior trim construction company in Midlothian,… Continue Reading

Big Brothers Big Sisters has retained the services of Madison+Main

Advertising & New Media to create and maintain a new database-driven website for the organization. Big Brothers Big Sisters Services, in Richmond, VA, is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of children through professionally supported, one-to-one mentoring relationships with caring adults. They are committed to assisting children to achieve their highest potential… Continue Reading

Colonial Orthopaedics Retains Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media

Colonial Orthopaedic has chosen Madison+Main to develop a website, a new logo and corporate identity package that will coincide with the practices expansion into a new location Rivers Bend in Spring 2007. Madison+Main’s plans will allow Colonial Orthopaedic to retain its current patients and attract more patients by expanding awareness of the practice among a… Continue Reading

GHT Insurance Chooses Madison+Main for New Website and Marketing Services

GHT Insurance has chosen Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media to create advertising and marketing initiatives that will expand the company’s growth into other industry verticals, while creating a marketing and brand strategy that will grow the company’s core business. Madison+Main plans to create a new website, market the site and the company with a traditional… Continue Reading

The Coleman Institute Chooses Madison+Main for Marketing and Advertising

Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media has been chosen by The Coleman Institute to create a comprehensive marketing strategy, including brand development, public relations and a corporate identity package to start. The firm will also create an ongoing new and traditional advertising campaign to boost awareness and sales of The Coleman Institute’s accelerated detox therapy and… Continue Reading

West End Property is now Space Properties

Richmond based advertising and new media firm re-brands West End Property to Space Properties. Integral parts of the transition include website, radio, print, flyers and web & search engine marketing, which will also be completed by Madison+Main. Space Properties owns over 1,800 apartments in the Greater Richmond area. Space Properties strives to provide residents with… Continue Reading

Madison+Main to Produce Two New Catalogs for Wythe Will Distributing

Wythe Will Distributing, the nations leading distributor of candy, confections and specialty foods to retail stores, has teamed up with Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media to design and develop two new catalogs. Wythe Will Distributing operates out of a 100,000 square foot distribution center in Toano, VA, which services candy retailers, specialty gourmet shops and… Continue Reading

Chesterfield County Retains Madison+Main for Branding Campaign

Chesterfield County’s Department of Economic Development Partners with Advertising and New Media Firm to Brand Chesterfield County as a First Choice Community for Business Madison+Main, Advertising & New Media is pleased to announce its collaboration with Chesterfield County’s Department of Economic Development. Madison+Main will work with CED and other community partners to develop a comprehensive… Continue Reading

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