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Madison+Main Weekly Report

By Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders

After this week at¬†Madison+Main, I may have to turn in my “man card.” I wrote two TV Ads about jewelry. I reviewed color swatches with “the girls” and thumbed through furniture catalogs. I ate my first salad in two years…and I got a pedicure.

I’m turning into a chick. ūüôĀ

I know you’re dying to learn what happened at the corner of “Madison Avenue and Main Street” this week, so let’s get into it:

Monday (10/21) –¬†At Monday morning’s meeting I shared news of the¬†Alberta Smith Sharks¬†incredible victory over the¬†Spring Run Huskies,¬†24-0¬†last Saturday. The Sharks have won seven in a row and remain undefeated this season!! On Saturday morning, 10/26,¬†we’ll tackle the undefeated¬†Swift Creek Cougars. Please note, the Swift Creek Cougars are not to be confused with the Brandermill “Cougars” who hang out at TGI Friday’s. ūüôā

Tuesday (10/22) –¬†I spent most of Tuesday morning in the recording studio, voicing radio spots for¬†Howell’s Heating & Air,¬†Uptown Alley¬†and several TV voiceovers. It is always fun to spend time with my buds at¬†Broadscope Media. Congratulations to¬†Nick DiMartino¬†who joined the Broadscope team this week full time!

I also met with¬†Ric Withers, President of¬†Wythken Printing¬†on Tuesday. Wythken is Madison+Main’s longest-running client, having signed a contract with our company eight years ago this week. If you are looking for business cards, brochures or any commercial printing needs call Wythken first at¬†(804) 353-8282¬†or visit¬†

Wednesday (10/23) –¬†On Wednesday we were treated to a boatload of chicken nuggets and delicious¬†Chik-Fil-A¬†sides by¬†Primerica¬†Area Manager¬†Amanda Chase, who delivered a very informational “Lunch & Learn” to the M+M crew. Do you know the difference between term life and whole life? Well, I didn’t until Wednesday. Thanks to Amanda for dropping by and helping us navigate the complex world of life insurance.

Later that afternoon,¬†Kayte Pellock¬†from¬†AFR¬†dropped by to talk to us about the options they have for special events and trade shows ….and to consume a couple of margaritas.

Our new Margaritaville brand margarita-maker! #tequila

VP Kara Forbis was also in town and made me eat a salad. This was the first salad I have had in two years.

Thursday (10/24) –¬†On Thursday we spent time preparing several 2014 media plans for clients, including one for¬†Yard Works. I’m pretty sure we’ll be making a TV sequel to the “Weekend Warrior” next year, so check out Yard Work’s award winning spot¬†here.

In the afternoon, I consulted with a client on¬†LinkedIn’s¬†new recruitment advertising platform. We have learned a lot over the past couple of months about using social media sites to recruit top-notch talent. If you’re having trouble finding the right person for the job, call us, maybe we can help your company too.¬†(804) 521-4141

Special thanks to the world’s best media rep¬†Brendan Kennedy¬†from¬†MNI/TimeWarner Publications,¬†who treated the Main-iacs to manicures and pedicures at¬†Fusion Nail Spa¬†on Thursday night. Account Manager¬†Kelley Miller¬†plied me with alcohol and forced to me to get a pedicure.

The Madison+Main-iacs get pampered in Carytown.

Friday (10/25) –¬†On Friday morning Digital Marketing Manager¬†Dorsey McFadden¬†and I worked on clients’¬†Google+¬†pages and brainstormed new ways to leverage Google’s changes in SEO algorithms (if you don’t know what that last sentence meant,¬†click here).

At lunch, I was able to reconnect with¬†RVA’s Secret Millionaire¬†Debbie Johnston, CEO of¬†Care Advantage¬†and about a dozen other companies. Normally I would pick up the tab, BUT I was having lunch with a millionaire, so I let Debbie pick up the tab at¬†Tripp’s. In all seriousness, congrats to Care Advantage for being Finalists in the¬†GRCC Impact Awards!

This afternoon¬†Comcast/Xfinity¬†“super rep”¬†Karen “Moneybags” Newmyer¬†dropped by with food and giant cocktails. She gave our Account Team a presentation on why we should buy more Comcast. The liquor worked: we’re buying more Cable TV!

I’m staring down a weekend that’s full of football and fall festivities. Wherever you go this weekend, I hope you have fun. The weather looks great, so get out there and enjoy a little bit of RVA.